Dog breeding

Western Australia to ban illegal dog breeding

WA Premier Mark McGowan has suggested legislation to ban the purchase of puppies from pet stores and to ban the activities of illegal breeders.

Gone are the days of wandering around Westfield, distracted by miserable puppies scratching glass and hiding under shredded paper.

New laws are being proposed in Western Australia to end the illegal breeding and sale of puppies in pet shops.

The legislation aims to reduce illegal puppy breeding, encourage better dog welfare, and support humane breeding practices and responsible pet ownership.

McGowan said in a statement:

“The new laws will allow dogs to be traced throughout their lives through a central registration system, allowing authorities to identify questionable or illegal breeders and shut down their operations.

“We will also provide assistance to pet stores to help them move to dog and puppy adoption centers, which means they can reintegrate displaced and abandoned dogs. “

Lisa Baker, chair of the Maylands MLA and Puppy Farming Working Group, revealed that some pet stores in Western Australia source thousands of puppies from illegal farms. On top of that, over 3000 dogs are taken to rescue organizations in WA each year. THREE THOUSAND. Shout it out louder.

RSPCA WA President Lynne Bradshaw said the legislation is the biggest improvement in animal welfare in the state in 20 years. “Right now, dog breeding is completely unregulated and anyone can breed as many puppies as they want. “ she added.

The RSPCA urges dog lovers to contact their local government to stress the importance of these laws and ensure the legislation is passed quickly.

Yip yip, woof, bork, rawr, boof, happy dog ​​sounds, etc.