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Cassie Badje from Columbus talks about her business, Especially FUR You, where she provides in-home boarding services for pets.

Cassie Badje poses for a photo with her dog, Loki. Badje owns Especially FUR You, a company that provides home boarding services for pets.


Cassie Badje was working as a dental assistant when a loss changed the course of her life. Her old dog, whom she adopted, has died.

“It devastated me… it hit me, it’s really my passion – dogs, dogs, dogs,” Badje said. “… It was kind of a turning point, ‘What am I doing in this dental office? I have to go do what I love.

Badje is now the owner of Especially FUR You, which provides in-home boarding services for pet owners in Columbus. Badje does not have a showcase; she takes care of her clients’ animals at home. She will walk the dogs, give them medicine and spend time with them.

“It’s a convenience for my clients who don’t prefer to keep their dogs in a kennel and want to keep them in the comfort of their home,” she said. “I also offer dog walking and sitting services. “

Although most of her clients have dogs, Badje said she will provide services for all types of animals. So far, she added, she has looked after cats, geckos, goats and koi ponds.

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Hospitality services – in which clients leave for a short period, such as spending the day in Omaha or working a 12-hour shift – are particularly popular, Badje noted.

For clients who have been away for longer periods of time, Badje said she will stop by the house three times a day. She will walk the dog (s) early in the morning, around lunchtime and again in the evening.

“I take a walk very late at night to make sure everyone is home for the night and ready to go, and then it all starts all over again in the morning,” she added.

Badje said that when scheduling services with a new client, she would do a “meet and greet” with the animal and the client.

“We kind of get to know each other, we feel comfortable with each other,” she said. “It’s not just like, ‘Oh, hey, can you come over to my place? I do not even know you. I really try to bond with every customer. … Not just their pet, I’m home. I want them to be comfortable with me too.

Badje left his former employer in December 2019, but the COVID-19 pandemic has struck. She said she didn’t really start Especially FUR You until February of this year.

“I would say that’s when everyone kind of got out of the fear of COVID and sort of started doing things again,” she said, adding that business had started to recover, with people feeling more comfortable leaving their homes and traveling for vacations.

Badje’s client Beth Alley of Columbus noted the relief she feels knowing that her pit bull, Penny, is in good hands when she has to make trips out of town.

“All Cassie really needs to do is give Penny her allergy pill and give her some love and treats and food. What I really like about the way she does her business is that she has a file on Penny. So we don’t have to come back to it every time, she knows exactly what the routine is, ”said Alley.

Alley said she met Badje around September. Badje watched Penny for five days in October and five days in December. Alley said she travels quite a bit, although it has slowed down recently.

“I’m really glad I can count on her when I have to get out of town to work or when I get out of town to visit my family in Tennessee,” Alley said. “It’s a weight on my shoulders and it’s a piece of mind that Penny can stay here.”

Badje is the sole provider of Especially FUR You at the moment, although her partner helps her sometimes when she is busy. She said she loved her job because of the interaction she had with animals and people.

“I love meeting all of their new personalities – every dog ​​has a different personality – and meeting new people,” Badje said. “I think we’ve kind of become a shy society that just sits on their phones and no one really communicates that much. I love to go out and meet new people. But above all, meet the pets. What more fun job than playing with people’s animals.

Badje’s company can be found on Google, and the Surtout FUR You Facebook page.

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