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Try This Awesome Dog Grooming Trick To Beat Shedding Season

Dealing with dog hair is just one of the many inescapable joys of owning a pet. Even short-haired and so-called “hypoallergenic“dog breeds are prone to shedding. They may not take full advantage coat shot this hoarse and other owners of long-haired dogs are familiar, but short hair still tends to settle on almost any surface in the home. (Yes, even if you brush this. All. Only. Day.) Luckily, there seems to be a new solution for pet parents who have too much dog hair in their lives. This genius hack has gone viral on TikTok because it’s simple, cheap, and effective. Sign us up!


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Sarah Dee, TikTok user explained that she uses a pumice stone to remove loose dog hair from her short-haired puppies. In the video, she says she went to Home Depot and picked up a grill stone. She then takes the stone and gently brushes her dog’s back with it. Instead of flying fur everywhere, it gently removes excess hair from the undercoat that sticks directly to the stone. Wondering if it really works? The proof is in the video – and the comments section.

“I am a groomer and recommend these everyday to the Furminator tool,” one viewer wrote. Other reviewers have pointed out that these stones are great for removing fur from rugs, carpets, and cars. Pumice stones are a safe and natural tool you can use to brush your dog’s fur and file their nails. However, it is important not to leave them lying around. Eating or chewing on a pumice stone can cause intestinal blockage or damage a dog’s mouth and teeth. When you are done using the stone on your pup, store it in a closet or out of its reach.

Best Pet Safe Pumice Stone

Elevate Essentials Pet Hair Stone – Amazon, $7.49

This pumice stone can be used anywhere your pup’s hair gets stuck. You can thank us later!

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