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Thief attacks dog grooming business in Nixa, Missouri

Owner Charlene Smith says the suspect used a stolen key to enter her store. The thief stole about $ 500 in pocket money. The theft occurred on September 27 at approximately 6:45 am The owner reported the crime at approximately 9 am after arriving at the business on 308 West South.

Smith says the community is very sensitive to the apologies and it’s unfortunate that this has happened.

“We found out immediately when we got to work that the cash drawer was open with no money,” Smith said. “The police are trying to reach people of interest and I hope they will do so soon.”

“It’s horrible, I really care about the community and if anyone needed anything I would have been there to help them,” Smith said. “My confidence is completely shattered.”

“(It’s) a full-service grooming salon. Smith has looked after dogs for the past 17 years.

“The community is really upset, we’re very well known and a lot of customers love us and are pretty crazy,” Smith said. “Thefts don’t happen a lot here, I always feel safe in Nixa.”

Looking to the future, owners will be changing door locks, security, and getting people in and out of the building.

If you know who the man in the video is, please contact the Nixa Police Department.

“It’s safety not only for future flights, but for the safety of my clients’ pets,” Smith said.

“These people have to pay for their actions,” Smith said.


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  • Thief attacks dog grooming business in Nixa, Missouri
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