Pet boarding

There is a plethora of pet boarding options in Sarasota

Poochie’s pampered puppies

7672 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota (941) 312-4969

“Must play well with others” is Poochie’s mantra – and they really mean it. Before you can enroll your dog in daycare, he must undergo a temperament assessment. Once accepted, he will be placed with dogs with similar energy levels to his. Can’t drive Fido to southern Sarasota? No worries, just call the Poochie Animal Taxi. $ 255 for a 10-day package.

Camp Bow Wow

2101 17th St., Sarasota, (941) 366-2267

Once your puppy has passed his socialization interview, he will have plenty of play time and access to Camp Bow Wow’s “counselors”, all canine behavior trained and CPR certified. cabin with a fleece-lined baby bed. Parents of helicopter dogs can watch everything via live webcams. $ 26 for a full day, $ 19 for a half day.

Bayside Pet Resort

Various places

After a personality and temperament profile test, your pooch has access to Bayside’s five-star amenities, including hour-long group play sessions, trail walks, pool swims, cuddles, a run on a treadmill and, if Fido stays overnight, return to duty which includes the lap time and a belly massage. Grooming services, including blueberry facials and mud baths, are also available. $ 19 for half a day; $ 28 for a full day; visit for more information and locations.

Woofdorf Astoria

10615 Technology Terrace # 104, Lakewood Ranch, (941) 758-8226

If this is the space your pet needs, Woofdorf Astoria has it in spades, in the form of a 15,000 square foot yard, including 10,000 feet of professionally installed artificial turf. Dogs can also enjoy a 9,000 square foot play area covered with rubber mats, and if they stay overnight, lounge in their own suite with 24/7 access to staff. Woofdorf. $ 17 for a half day, $ 25 for a full day.