Pet boarding

There are only two registered pet boarding houses in Malta, and that’s a problem


While pet sitting is a useful service for pet owners, just be aware that there are only two registered pet boarding houses on the island.

These boarding schools are the Tat-Targa and Niveksu kennels. Anyone else who offers a boarding service does so without a license.

On the other hand, Malta has dozens of pet sitters offering pet sitting services, whether for a few hours or a few days, and none of them are regulated or licensed.

This is because there is no such legislation and this also applies to groomers and animal trainers.

The issue of animal rights and services law and regulation has long been a problem. Lax app that has led self-proclaimed trainers, groomers and boarders to build their businesses on trust, not merit.

In some cases, borders and pet trainers have come under fire for their alleged mistreatment of the pets in their care – but there are no laws governing the individual and their practices, so no real action is taken in response to these allegations.

A quick online search for pet sitters in Malta reveals that there are at least 25 establishments ranging from one star to five stars.

Speaking to Lovin Malta, Animal Welfare Commissioner Alison Bezzina said she was in favor of regularizing these services.

“I believe that anyone who has anything to do with animals, without the presence of the owner, should be registered and qualified,” she said.

Under current legislation, residents must follow specific criteria, including date of arrival, health requirements, and veterinarian approval.

In addition, boarding schools must provide accommodation adapted to their species ”with regard to construction, size, temperature, lighting, ventilation and cleanliness ”.

There is also a stipulation on the maximum number of animals allowed to be housed in any establishment which will be determined by the accommodation available.

However, none of this applies to over 25 pet sitters.

The question now remains about creating legal definitions for what constitutes a pet sitter, groomer and animal trainer, including the qualifications they need to be able to offer such services.

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