Dog vaccine

The Supreme Court will hear on September 9

The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to list cases related to the threat of stray dogs in Kerala on September 9, after an urgent mention made before the Chief Justice of India by lawyer VK Biju.

The lawyer pointed to the recent spike in stray dog ​​bites in the state and mentioned that a 12-year-old girl is fighting for her life after being attacked by a rabid dog, despite taking the rabies vaccine.

“Kerala has become the land of the dogs in the land of the gods,” he said.

Biju pointed out that in 2016 the Supreme Court had constituted a commission headed by former Kerala High Court Judge, Justice S Sirijagan to deal with dog bite complaints and determine compensation for victims.

‘Please ask for the current status of the Sir Jagan commission,’ the lawyer asked after mentioning the startling figure of 10 lakh dog bites in 5 years.

“Daily bets, school children, women, they are attacked. It is a very serious problem which particularly affects the poor”, insisted the lawyer.

CJI Lalit agreed to list the batch of cases on September 9.

In 2016, Judge Siri Jagan’s commission submitted a report to the Supreme Court that said the “excessive” stray dog ​​population will continue to pose a “very serious threat” to public safety unless reduced to a “level manageable”.