Pet boarding

The Backyard unveils pet boarding and daycare

The Backyard is gearing up to open its pet boarding and “child care” facility next week. The free-standing building in Perham Industrial Park is packed with amenities for pets and their loving owners.

Store managers Taylor and Tyler Doll said the idea of ​​opening a boarding school was brought up while they were ice fishing for at least three years.

These discussions have become more substantial as the pet store‘s grooming business has taken off over the past two years,

Tyler said that since they started grooming, customers have asked if they will ever do boarding.

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“It seemed like this was a great need for the city and the community,” Taylor said. “It fits well with what we currently have. ”

The Dolls have visited a number of different boarding facilities, inside and out of state, to set up the best possible experience.

Tyler says the building will have a kennel for 35 dogs, with daycare available Monday through Friday.

The Dolls expect pet owners to use the day care option a few times a week, to tire out anxious, hyperactive dogs who experience behavioral issues when left alone.

“We find it very beneficial for the dog to release this energy in a safe and supervised manner with other dogs,” Taylor said. “That way when you come home after a long day, the dog isn’t trying to get you to play, he’s also tired and well spent.”

Once a fluffy family member is dropped off at daycare, they will have two hours of indoor or outdoor play, a meal, and time to rest in the afternoon, before finishing the day. day with a few extra hours of play.

“Dogs are more and more part of the family these days,” Taylor said. “It’s like dropping your kids off at daycare, you drop your dog off and pick him up at the end. ”

During a tour of the building, Taylor said he was most excited about the outdoor playground. A large green yard is surrounded by buried fences to prevent dogs from digging. A floating deck is also designed to keep dirt and grass from getting inside.

The interior is lined with specialized white siding panels that brighten up the space, while making messes easier to spot. A high perforated steel ceiling will also reduce noise.

Music will play continuously throughout the day to keep the dogs calm and relaxed. Security cameras in every corner will give customers an overview of what their dog is doing at all times.

The playing time will be 100% supervised, the dog / handler ratio not yet determined.

“It will depend on whether you have a rowdy group or if you watch the seniors play,” Taylor said.

The boarding schools are divided into different categories of “suites”. The Manny Suites, named after Taylor’s dog, are separate bedrooms with a TV and personal pet camera. Other options range from a 4 x 4 kennel to a 4 x 6 kennel with an adjoining outdoor enclosure. Additional a la carte options include hours of one-on-one play, including a walk on a leash and a personal video call.

While the space in the building is primarily dedicated to dogs, a cat room has double windows to let in more natural light.

After so much planning and thought, Taylor said he was eager to get started.

“If you had asked us this 10 years ago when we started, we never would have thought we would,” he said.

Open day

The Backyard, 105 Ninth Ave. NE, Perham, has an open house from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday, September 13 and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, September 14.

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