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S’pore pet boarding house allegedly neglected client’s dog until condition worsened, investigations ongoing

Customer claims pet boarding neglects rescue dog

Pet boarding houses are meant to keep animals safe when their owners are unavailable. However, not all places can meet this expectation.

Recently, a Facebook user shared her experience with Mutts & Mittens pet boarding.

Claiming his rescue dog, McGruff, had been neglected in their care, the OP sought answers to many pressing questions, after having to euthanize the dog.

Dog reportedly stayed at pet boarding house for eight years

Talk to MS Newsthe OP, JT, shared that she has been rescuing dogs for almost 15-20 years, and McGruff was one of them.

McGruff is said to have been on board at Mutts & Mittens for eight years, since 2014.

According to JT, the incident unfolded when Mutts & Mittens sent him a video of himself on August 13.

Source: Facebook

In the video, McGruff appeared out of breath and had lost a lot of weight.

When JT took him to the vet, X-rays showed he had a large tumor in his right lung, pressing against his trachea.

Moreover, he was unable to lie on either side and could only stay in the same position.

Decided to euthanize McGruff

The vet then told JT to seek out a specialist instead. However, as the regular specialist was overseas, she decided to bring him back to Mutts & Mittens.

The next day, the organization allegedly told him that McGruff was no longer moving, eating or drinking.

Image courtesy of JT

Along with another volunteer, JT decided to euthanize him on August 15.

Mutts & Mittens contacted OP regarding a refund

Two days later, Mutts & Mittens contacted JT, asking for his bank details.

Image courtesy of JT

In a series of screenshots, she showed MS News the exchange in which she asked the organization why it would process a refund.

Image courtesy of JT

JT also asked Mutts & Mittens for an explanation of McGruff’s medical condition prior to his euthanasia.

Image courtesy of JT

When she confronted them with questions, Mutts & Mittens staff reportedly told her to make a formal complaint in writing.

Image courtesy of JT

JT also claimed another volunteer told him that McGruff had looked leaner since July.

Image courtesy of JT

The volunteer shared her guess that McGruff and another of JT’s rescue dogs, Tennessee, may not have finished their meals. Thinking it might be due to their eating habits or preferences, she asked what else she could do to make sure they ate well.

However, there appears to be no implication that there was a power interruption.

In his Facebook post, JT claimed that Tennessee was also kicked out of the facility without any explanation.

She also alleged in a comment that other rescue dogs were also victims of unfair eviction.

Investigations are ongoing

In response to questions from MS NewsMutts & Mittens said they were unable to comment on the matter.

A spokesperson for the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS), meanwhile, said the incident was still under investigation.

As there is currently only the lifeguard’s account in public view, we advise against speculating on the case given the lack of information.

Hopefully the authorities involved will be able to help all parties reach an amicable resolution and seek justice if anyone has indeed been harmed.

At this time, our condolences go out to JT for his loss. We’re sure McGruff knew he was loved before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.