Dog vaccine

Society’s campaign to vaccinate stray and companion dogs

Census of stray dogs to be carried out; ₹4 crore ABC Hospital to be built in Vandithadam

Census of stray dogs to be carried out; ₹4 crore ABC Hospital to be built in Vandithadam

The municipal company has decided to launch a massive campaign to vaccinate all stray and companion dogs in order to deal with the threat of aggressive and rabid dogs.

Following a meeting of the Animal Birth Control (ABC) monitoring committee on Tuesday and taking into account expert advice, the civic body will organize a special three-day campaign starting September 18 to vaccinate pet dogs that have not been vaccinated in the past. one year.

Vaccination of pet dogs has taken place on a routine basis, but as part of the first phase of the special campaign, vaccination of pet dogs will be administered from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in 15 veterinary hospitals under the Corporation. As many as 10,000 doses of the vaccine will be purchased, Mayor Arya Rajendran said at a press conference here on Thursday.

The distribution of pet dog licenses would also take place on the same day as part of the campaign. If certificates of already vaccinated dogs are produced, a license will be issued to them upon payment of a fee. “All residents should ensure their pet dogs have been vaccinated and have a license.”

Action would be taken against dog owners who have their animals vaccinated but do not take out a license.

Stray dogs would also be vaccinated. Four teams, each made up of two dog hunters and a veterinarian, would cover the municipality’s 100 neighborhoods from September 25 to November 1 to vaccinate stray dogs, the mayor said.

A team would cover three wards each, and each would visit all 100 wards as it might not be possible to vaccinate all the strays in a ward the first time themselves. A roadmap for the stray dog ​​vaccination campaign has also been prepared. Volunteers would man the teams.

The ABC committee decided that vaccinated strays would have visible markings – spray paint in red, yellow and green – that would identify their vaccination status.

Adoption camps would also be organized by the civic body.

Since the last census of stray dogs took place in 2016, a census to identify their current numbers would be undertaken urgently, Ms Rajendran said. The 2016 census counted nearly 9,500 dogs within the city limits.

A meeting of people who feed stray dogs would be held to urge them to refrain from feeding dogs near hospitals, schools, places of worship and other crowded places.

Sterilization of stray dogs would resume at the City Corporation facilities in Vandithadam after ₹18 lakh renovations were completed at the earliest, the mayor said.

The company was also taking steps to establish a ₹4 crore ABC hospital in Vandithadam, she said.

The Society is setting up people’s committees in all neighborhoods and will discuss with experts the establishment of neighborhood-level dog shelters where violent dogs or dogs with health problems could be housed. The support of non-governmental organizations will be sought. Nearly 15,000 dogs have been neutered under the ABC so far, including 566 neutered this exercise, she said.

Checks would be organized by health teams to identify people who threw waste, especially slaughter waste, in public places and strict measures would be taken against them. Pet stores would also be inspected.