Pet boarding

Shady pet boarding house confronts dog owner whose pet has gone missing in their care


Yesterday, a showdown between a group of dog lovers and the owners of a shady pet boarding house along Galistan Avenue took a turn for the worse, prompting police and paramedics to be deployed to the scene.

The quarrel ? A woman who left her seven-year-old Shetland sheepdog in the care of the Platinium Dogs Club is looking for answers after her pet was nowhere to be found on the premises. Elaine Mao was one of many dog ​​owners who claimed their pets had been abused by Platinum employees – a Jack Russell Terrier even died after staying at the facility, according to her owner who spoke to Yahoo News Singapore.

The drama that unfolded at 7 Galistan Avenue was documented by Voices for Animals founder Derrick Tan, who was at the scene yesterday to offer support. Prior to yesterday’s incident, the Singapore Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) responded to several complaints and conducted a raid on Platinium’s premises over the past two days, where it found 18 dogs and a rabbit. AVA took temporary custody of the animals until their owners returned.

Mao’s dog, however, was nowhere to be found. That’s why she went down to Platinum to get answers. In a video captured by Tan, Mao can be seen begging the boarder to tell him what happened to his dog. Even as Mao begged on her knees for answers, the seemingly heartless owner of Platinum known as Charlotte Liew refused to say anything.

According to Tan, many dog ​​owners have complained about the suffering of their animals in Liew’s care. Platinium is said to have even cremated some of his clients’ dogs without their knowledge or without their consent. Yahoo News confirmed that Mobile Pet Cremation Services did manage the cremation of three dogs at Platinium’s premises last month.

Police were called to the scene after receiving a call about a group of people obstructing the driveway at 7 Galistan Avenue. As Liew tried to leave the compound, the car she was in reversed and collided with a 40-year-old man in the group. The victim had to be taken by ambulance to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital for treatment, according to a police statement.

Police investigations are currently underway, the group of people as well as the driver of the vehicle being questioned. A petition has been launched in response to the Platinium Dogs Club case, calling for more severe punishment for animal abuse in Singapore.

As for Mao, his heartbreaking ordeal continues. In another video captured by his friend, Mao can be seen shouting answers at the scene, wanting to know what happened to Prince, his dog.

“Dead”, someone from inside the establishment can be heard shouting.