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Save 36% on this ‘amazing’ dog grooming mitt from Amazon Canada

On sale at nearly 40% off, the ‘Amazon’s Choice’ grooming mitt is backed by more than 53,000 reviews (Photo via Getty)

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If you are an avid reader of Style Yahoo CanadaYou know we love our pets. Dogs, cats, fish and amphibians: our love for animals knows no bounds. So whenever a pet-friendly gadget goes on sale, we want you to be the first to know.

The best offer of the day: this pet grooming glove of Amazon Canada. On sale at almost 40% off, the “Amazon’s Choice” grooming mitt is backed by over 53,000 reviews. To find out why shoppers are calling the glove “amazing” and buying the deal, scroll below.

Blue spiked pet grooming mitt with black background (Photo via Amazon)

Pet Grooming Glove (Photo via Amazon)

$13 $20 at Amazon

The details

This pet grooming mitt comes with 255 silicone grooming tips, allowing you to effectively brush dirt and loose hair off your furry friend.

The slip-on grooming mitt is perfect for both long and short haired pets and is made from a soft, skin-friendly material. It can be used both in the bath and on dry fur and has an adjustable strap for its wearer.

The “answer we were looking for”

A staple among pet owners, the grooming mitt has garnered nearly 54,000 reviews, a four-star rating, and the coveted “Amazon’s Choice” title.

This glove is “amazing”, according to one user. It “works well” for dogs that normally “don’t like” being brushed. It’s also “excellent for swimming”, they write. It “lathers very well”.

It “works great” on short-haired cats, says another buyer. Cats “tolerated this mitt much better” than other “big name” brushes and the mitt “got much more hair in less time,” they write. “One of them even purred.”

hands wearing two blue pet grooming gloves with dog fur on them (Photo via Amazon)

Pet Grooming Glove (Photo via Amazon)

$13 $20 at Amazon

The grooming brush is the “answer we’ve been looking for” for our impatient dog, says a third reviewer. Its adjustable wrist strap “makes it easier for me and my children to use”, and our dog’s fur “[came] easily.”

While thousands of users praise the glove for its ease of use and cleaning, other buyers call it a “sounding meh”.

It’s “a little less effective but also a little less harsh” than a regular brush, according to one reviewer. All in all, “it’s OK”, they write.

The verdict

If dog and cat hair is invading your home, Amazon shoppers recommend checking out this pet grooming glove from the Delomo store. With an incredible 54,000 reviews and an “Amazon’s Choice” title, users say their fussy pets tolerate the glove much better than big-name alternatives. However, some users say the glove did not live up to their high expectations, something to keep in mind when ordering.

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