Pet boarding

Rising demand for pet boarding centers

Deepavali is a difficult time for pet owners who must make elaborate arrangements to keep their pets comfortable and away from the cracker explosion.

“The noise pollution is unbearable. Some people start popping crackers early in the morning and continue through the night, ”said Gayatri Balaji, who lives in JP Nagar.

“Animals are sensitive to noise. It breaks my heart to see my dogs run in fear when they hear a firecracker, ”said Ms. Balaji, who has two dogs. She keeps all windows closed, creates a comfortable shelter for her pets, and makes sure she is there to comfort them.

Not all can handle it well, and many opt for pet boarding, which has a busy New Years Dasara period. “All kennels are reserved for Deepavali. The number of calls from parents of pets increases dramatically during this time of year. We can accommodate around 30 dogs in the center, ”said Prashanth, owner of Puppyoye Dog Boarding and Dog Park located in Electronics City.

“Some of us travel during Deepavali and cannot take our pets. Pet boarding is a good option to ensure the safety and comfort of our pets, ”said Shiva N., who has previously used the services of these facilities.

Less noise

What works for these centers is that most of them are located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Puppyoye, for example, is some distance from residential areas and has a lot of open spaces.

“The noise level is lower here. But, we go one step ahead to make sure our boarders are comfortable. We provide aroma therapy for dogs. During peak cracker hours we have at least five people staying with the dogs to keep them calm. We also send pictures and videos of the dogs to the parents of the animal every day, so they can be reassured, ”he said.

Hotel for Dogs is another boarding center, located near a farmland in Sarjapur. “Our kennels are complete for Deepavali. We have air-conditioned and soundproofed kennels, so the animals are comfortable, ”said R. Kesav, head of the center.

Petspace in Kodathi and Pawse in Yelahanka are some of the other options for pet owners. On average, the cost is 400 for daytime boarding, 600 for the night.