Dog vaccine

Register a companion dog or pay a fine of Rs 50,000

HYDERABAD: The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) will act severely and impose fines of up to Rs 50,000 on all dog lovers who have not registered their pets.

In the initial phase, compulsory registration only applies to dogs, while other pets are exempt.

Officials have informed that pet owners will soon experience heat if they transport unregistered animals into the open. City officials have claimed that given the perceived threat to public safety if unregistered pets are transported in parks, streets and other open places, they levy hefty fines ranging from 1 000 to 50,000 Rs, depending on the violation, in addition to taking possession of the animals. Owners can only get their animals back after the penalty has been paid. The move will make dog owners more responsible and responsible, officials say.

According to official data, there are around 50,000 companion dogs in the city, only 465 of the
they are registered. Pet registration not only ensures safety, but also
regulates how it interacts with society and vice versa, they argued.

According to the standards, it is mandatory for dog owners to obtain a license and must
produce proof that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies and renew
this every year.

The official said he has seen several cases where owners simply abandon their animals by the side of the road when they develop illnesses or other health problems. He said pets must be vaccinated and sterilized and microchips must be installed before getting the permit. Using the microchip, the GHMC will monitor the number of pets in the city and track owners who have abandoned them.

“Owners should be responsible to their pets. Our veterinary wing
will conduct random inspections. If an owner is found guilty, the animals will be
be seized and they would be released against payment of the amount of the fine, ”he added.

The official said that after holding a license, no apartment or association can
object to having pets and there will be a waiver of the license fee for Indie
dogs to promote their adoption.

Unlike manual registration, pet owners can log into
and click on the “Our Services” section, choose the option to complete a license request and enter the details. Subsequently, they have to pay Rs 50 to obtain the license.

A unique identification will be provided to the dog after registration
and pet owners must present their dog’s recent vaccination certificate, any proof of residence and a no-objection certificate from their neighbors.

The request will automatically be forwarded to the Deputy Director or Deputy Veterinary Director. After verification by the office, a license will be issued.