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Pune: PMC to introduce online service to register pet dogs

With just over 2,000 pet dogs with compulsory licenses in the city, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to set up an online service for pet owners to apply for licenses to avoid legal proceedings.

The PMC issues license certificates to pet dogs as per the provisions of the Municipal Corporation Act of Maharashtra after recouping the fees and fulfilling the conditions by the pet owners. PMC issues a metal token for each authorized dog and a card on the rules to be followed by the owners on the handling of the animal.

He charges Rs 500 per dog. If a citizen files a complaint against pet dogs and they are found to be unlicensed, PMC can register an offense against the pet owner.

Pet owners must apply for a pet license each year by submitting a copy of the certificate of the rabies vaccine administered to the pet, residential address, photo of the pet, receipt for payment of property tax and a no-objection certificate from the housing company.

Pet owners must also submit an affidavit stating that the dog will not be released into an open space, other than that owned by the pet’s owner, and in public places such as the road, the pet will not do harm. to anyone and his face would be covered with a mesh mask and the dog would not be taken out into public places or roads to defecate in the open air.

“The licensing process for pets, including dogs, used to be done manually at the neighborhood office level. It was a time-consuming process, so few pet owners applied for license certificates,” said PMC Veterinary Superintendent Sarika Punde.

She said there were about a million pet dogs in the city, but only 5,000 license certificates had been issued in the current year.

“The PMC, to encourage all pet owners to take compulsory license certificates for companion dogs, has decided to implement the process through an online medium. A software system has been prepared for this purpose by the information technology department of the civic body. The system will be open to the public within the next two months,” she said.

Punde said the online service for pet license certificates would be launched for pet dogs at first and expanded later for other pets. “People own different breeds of dogs but fail to get the license certificates. We should exercise discipline in handling pet dogs in order to maintain hygienic conditions and the safety of citizens,” she said.