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Pooch Perfect: ABC’s dog grooming competition show debuts Tuesday night with reality show star Lisa Vanderpump, veterinarian Dr Calle Harris as judges


The best dog groomers compete against each other to create the most extravagant pet panache in the new series, Pooch Perfect, which debuts Tuesday night on ABC.

It is hosted by Rebel Wilson and features reality TV star Lisa Vanderpump as a judge.

ABC 7’s Hosea Sanders spoke to veterinarian Dr Callie Harris, as well as Vanderpump, who previously starred on Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“Everyone thinks their dog is perfect, it’s Milo, I kind of think my little shelter dog is perfect, what are you looking for on the show,” Sanders asked.

“When you watch it every week you will find that these groomers are really going to show skill, not just with general grooming but with artistry and creativity, so every week there will be something different going on for him. animal. Harris said.

Vanderpump says his canine charity saved two and a half million dogs.

“I come from a very emotional place in the rescue business, having seen so many dogs that didn’t have good lives,” said Vanderpump. “All of these dogs were canine models, they have absolutely gorgeous coats, they’ve been pampered their entire lives.”

“So you make them all chic and purple and pink,” Sanders asked.

“What has always been the same is that every pet involved in their grooming experiences loved it, loved it, loved it, loved it,” Harris said.

“Lisa, how does that compare to housewives,” Sanders asks Vanderpump.

“Oh my God, you know I’m going to be in trouble if I do that, that slogan I had – I’m passionate about dogs because I’m crazy about b- – – – -,” Vanderpump said.

In addition to the love of puppies, there are some heartfelt “human” stories.

“As a dog lover ladies dog fanatic I can’t wait to shed a few tears with you, said Sanders.” Let’s do it, love it! ”

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