Dog grooming

PIAA welcomes early reopening of dog grooming in Melbourne

Photo: Dmytro – 123rf

The Pet Industry Association of Australia has welcomed the Victorian government’s announcement that on-site dog grooming services will be able to reopen from September 28.

“This is great news for the four-legged members of Melbourne families who were denied expert grooming as part of the Stage 4 lockdown, and until this announcement it was low. likely they will receive them before at least the end of October, “said PIAA National President Barry Codling. .

“Dog grooming isn’t about creating pets on Instagram. It is essential for the good health and well-being of the animal, and home grooming can present a real risk of injury if not done with care and expertise.

“The government’s decision to allow on-site grooming services to reopen much sooner than expected will allow owners to take their dogs to professionals who not only trim claws and hairs, but check for parasites and problems. of skin, ”Codling added.

While the PIAA welcomes Saturday’s announcement, it believes reopening more pet care services could safely occur with minimal COVID-19 risk.

“As long as the mobile grooming services are performed without direct contact with the human client and companies have an approved COVID safety plan, they can help the pets of individuals and families who cannot easily bring their dogs. on site, ”Codling said.

“This includes the frail elderly, people with disabilities and people who do not have private transport or reduced mobility. “

The PIAA is seeking urgent discussions with the Victorian government on reopening mobile grooming services, as well as animal walking, boarding and training services which also play a valuable role in the welfare of the pets of Melbourne and their owners.

“As long as all necessary COVID-19 precautions are in place, there is no reason that broader pet care services cannot be provided from September 20 as well,” Codling said.