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PETA Denounces Rebel Wilson Pooch Perfect Dog Grooming Show Show

Animal rights group PETA criticizes Rebel Wilson's Pooch Perfect, calling the TV show dangerous for dogs.

Christopher Willard / Walt Disney Television

Animal rights group PETA criticizes Rebel Wilson’s Pooch Perfect, calling the TV show dangerous for dogs.

PETA is not amused by perfect doggie, the American broadcaster ABC’s dog grooming competition show with host Rebel Wilson.

For those who don’t know, the program has 10 teams trying to give their pets crazy looks in a bid to win a prize of US $ 100,000 ($ 143,460). It sounds like the kind of harmless thing you can flip through without realizing it, other than maybe to pause and say, “What is this?” Otherwise, it’s just a matter of dressing dogs.

Lauren Thomasson, PETA’s senior director for animals in film and television, has made it clear that the organization doesn’t like her.

“Dogs are intelligent and loyal individuals – they’re not here to have fun with humans, and unfortunately shows like perfect doggie may encourage people to restrain their dog and reach for the dye, although doing so could cause an allergic reaction that could even be fatal, in addition to stressing the animal, ”Thomasson told The Wrap. “PETA reminds pet sitters that dogs love us for who we are – and we need to respect them enough to do the same for them. “

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Tuesday, The New York Post published a story in which Jorge Bendersky, a famous dog groomer who also serves as a judge on the show, said: “Safety is always the number one concern”, the vets also reportedly scanned the products used on the show to make sure they weren’t toxic. .

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Colorful dogs took part in Pride In London on Sunday with their own dog show.

Bendersky advised anyone who dyes their dogs to use temporary dyes that are safe for dogs. Why do you ask? As he said, “You can try dyeing your dog pink – but, remember, this dog is going to shake. So you might end up with pink walls and a pink sofa. You really have to plan the logistics.

At Tuesday’s premiere, a poodle turned pink and a white dog was made to look like a skunk.

Below are some examples in pictures to explain what I am talking about. “Don’t try this at home” should go without saying.