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Pet Project: A shelter for victims of domestic violence in the Sand Springs area will welcome the victims’ pets | News

Behind the six outdoor kennels is a fenced-in outdoor play area with a shaded bench for humans, toys and plenty of grass for the puppies, and a trash can with “poop bags” so owners can easily clean up afterwards. their dogs.

Back inside, the cat room features a series of hex-shaped wooden shelves and climbing boxes to provide endless perching possibilities, along with a few soft beds, seating for humans, and a litter box disguised as a potted plant.

An open ceiling covered with fencing material will let in light, heat, and air conditioning without letting the cats out.

Although several cat crates are available, cats can roam freely in this room, as long as everyone gets along.

And finally, two separate visiting rooms – one for dogs, the other for cats – will allow owners to relax on a comfortable sofa with their pets, perhaps while catching up on a few shows on a television. flat screen wall.

The project included a large supply of dog and cat beds, litter boxes and toys, and The Spring will provide pet food and cat litter. But even that cost will be more manageable, thanks to a $1,000 gift card from Purina.

“Our furry friends certainly won’t have bad accommodations,” Clingenpeel said.