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Pet pensions for the time of Covid

The Covid-19 has affected all aspects of our way of life. From trips to food, all industries struggle to stay afloat. However, another part of our lifestyles that the coronavirus has affected is our personal relationships with our pets.

There are a lot of pet parents who suffer from covid and are unable to care for their young. Even if there is a person in the house who has the covid, the management of resources and time becomes a big challenge for the whole family.

There is no shame in prioritizing in these difficult times. Here are some Delhi pet boarding houses that you can contact so you don’t have to worry about your pet’s welfare while battling Covid-19.

1. Alfa11

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If you want your doggies to be pampered while you recover, the Dog Resort at Alfa11 is the place to be. Your pet will have the chance to run, exercise, play with other residents, and stay healthy when away from home.

Contact them here.

2. JEFFURRY’S: The Pet Resort

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This resort offers your precious pooch a chance to play, get on board overnight, train, socialize, and find new friends. You can also schedule spas and treatments for your pet while you are away so they can rest, relax and not worry about you.

Contact them here.

3. The animal lovers’ hut

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If you are looking for a more user-friendly option that will allow you and your pets to relax without worrying, then this is a good option. Based in Gurugram, Pet Lover’s Hut provides boarding, grooming and training services. There is also a swimming pool for your pet to enjoy.

Contact them here.

4. Asha Arun Pet Boarding

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This home-like boarding center offers a dog park, swimming pool and the utmost love and care for your precious pet. Located in the Chattarpur area, they also offer a pick-up and drop-off service for those who might not be able to travel.

Contact them here.

5. The animal’s house

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Cats can sometimes need a little more maintenance than other pets. If you are worried about your kitten, you can contact Disha at Pet’s Own Home to take care of your feline friends. She also offers to take care of guinea pigs, birds and rabbits.

Contact them here.

6. Barking and meowing

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A pet playground, boarding house and cafe, Barks & Meows is a wonderful place to entrust your adorable furry friends. Along with lots of exercise and love, they also promise healthy nutrition and medical assistance for your pets.

Contact them here.

Even though this list is for Delhi NCR only, there are boarding centers across the country that are ready to take care of your precious doggies while you recover.

here is a very useful spreadsheet with a list of other guesthouses which also welcome pets. You can call these pet boarding houses if you are recovering from the virus and are concerned about taking care of your pets.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

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