Pet boarding

Pet boarding, grooming, supplies and vets

Visitors know West Hollywood for its restaurants and bars. But in a city where there are far more dogs than children, these are the places for pets that stand out among the locals: dog parks, boarding places, dog lounges, supply stores. for animals and, of course, canine doctors. Here is the Best Of in several categories related to pets, as chosen by the readers of WEHOville.

This is the latest report on the winners of the Best of WeHo 2019 contest. Here you will find previously published lists of the best beauty salons, hair salons, skin care salons, spas and dentists. The best art galleries, cannabis stores, and dry cleaners here. The best bakeries, burgers, restaurants with international menus and al fresco dining here. And the best cafes and a selection of bar categories here.

Pets / Best pension

1. Chic pet care

The animal care here is clearly classy. Think of it as a stay for your dog at the Sunset Tower hotel rather than the Holloway Motel.

“Here at Posh Pet Care, we apply the same philosophy and attention to detail with our residents as with our daycare doggies,” explains Posh Pet Care. “Your pet will be pampered and its care will be personalized according to your specific needs.

“Let us do everything! We have beds and blankets, just drop your dog off and they will have a day care experience all night long!

Chic pet care, 8218 boul. West Sunset,, (323) 655-7674

2. RockStar Rover, 7701, boulevard Santa Monica,, (323) 656-7625

3. West Hollywood Veterinary Hospital, 9000 N. Santa Monica Blvd.,, (310) 275-0055

Pets / Best Groomers

1. RockStar Rover

RockStar Rover rocks according to customer reviews on Yelp. Need help removing that pigeon poop from your puppy? RockStar Rover does it and lets the dog smell pretty good. And what about a false hawk? While they seem to be on the decline in the hip homo sapien community, RockStar Rover can make it happen. The City of West Hollywood officially calls dog owners “dog guardians.” RockStar Rover customers refer to its dog groomers as “dog stylists”.

Rock Star Rovers is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

Rock star rover, 7701, boulevard Santa Monica,, (323) 656-7625

2. Mastiff, 8278, boulevard Santa Monica,, (424) 303-2027

3. Chic pet care, 705 N. Harper Avenue,, (323) 655-7674

Animals / Best pet shop

1. Healthy place

Healthy Spot offers a range of products and services, including grooming, child care, teeth cleaning and nutrition counseling. Looking to stimulate your puppy’s appetite? Take a look at his Jerky Turkey dog ​​treats, freeze-dried raw chicken, and bowls of Chompies dog treats.

Healthy Spot also contributes to the community with this glass-fronted dog playground facing Santa Monica Boulevard, which attracts both selfie-takers and those looking for a reason to smile, something happy dogs always offer. .

Healthy place, 8525, boulevard Santa Monica,, (310) 657-2400

2. Collar and leash, 8555, boulevard Santa Monica,, (310) 657-6638

3. Tailwaggers, 801 avenue N. Fairfax # 108,, (323) 658-2222

Pets / Best Veterinarian

1. West Hollywood Veterinary Hospital

This veterinary hospital has it all: day care, pet grooming, grooming supplies and other pet products, and issuing international and national health certificates if you plan to take your pet on a trip. And of course, there is health care. Your puppy can get the vaccines he needs, advanced dental care, and a range of specialist services that include orthopedic surgery, internal medicine, and radiology.

The West Hollywood Animal Hospital is open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

West Hollywood Veterinary Hospital, 9000 boul. Santa Monica,, (310) 275-0055

2. Laurel Pet Hospital, 7970 boul. Santa Monica,, (323) 654-7060

3. VCA TLC veterinary hospital, 8725, boulevard Santa Monica,, (310) 859-4852