Dog grooming

Permission sought for dog grooming salon in Trowbridge

A WOMAN in Trowbridge wants permission to turn an existing garden shop into a dog grooming salon.

Ms A Baines, of 81 Yarnbrook Road, West Ashton, Trowbridge, would like to pursue a new career as a dog grooming and walking service ‘which has been an ambition for some time’.

Mrs Baines and her family have recently moved to the area, and the independent garden shop on the property they moved into has already been converted into a dog grooming salon.

A certificate of legality is now necessary for the transformation and operation of the company.

The planning documents stated: “The proposal has no impact on the surrounding neighborhood or environment and would meet the applicant’s ambitions to legally run a small business within the local community.”

He adds that the size of the plot is “substantial” and is ideal for walking and exercising the dogs in a safe and secure enclosure.

It is located “very independently” from other houses in the area and access to the property is via the main road. It is closed for security.

The converted outbuilding is a single storey detached pitched roof structure rendered all around and painted white to match the existing bungalow.