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People urged to stop irresponsible dog breeding

Aug 24, 2020

The “Punish The Deed Not The Breed” group calls on members of the public to ensure they engage in “responsible dog ownership”, saying there is an “influx of irresponsibly bred puppies to Bermuda “.

Grace Markham explained, “A group that was instrumental in rescuing banned dogs during the ban has noticed a steady increase in cases of the sale or seizure of litters of pit bull-type puppies. On occasion, we have assisted in the placement and licensing of a number of young and older dogs.

“The requirements for owning a dog on the shortlist are pretty clear, and anyone with a puppy who cannot meet these requirements is at risk of seizure and ultimately euthanasia.

“It becomes increasingly difficult to find suitable homes that can meet all ownership requirements when we are informed that puppies need to be relocated with such frequency.

“As pet owners, it is your responsibility to maintain a healthy and legal environment for your pets.

“Failure to do so is animal abuse and contributes to the stereotype that Pitbulls are bad dogs [When in fact it’s irresponsible ownership].

“In the past we have been successful in sending puppies overseas, but it is expensive and depends on the generosity and kindness of strangers, it is our problem and we have to own it and take care of it here. Do not export our problems.

“We want to prevent them from being banned again, but the only way to do that is to ensure responsible ownership.

“We can only do this with the help of members of the public.

“Buying an illegal dog is an offense, but we hear of several litters where puppies are raised and sold for large sums. This only encourages continued reproduction.

“If you are aware of illegal waste, please report it to the guards, you can do it anonymously if you need to.

“We are also sending out an appeal asking people to stop paying money to them.

“As long as there are people willing to pay for them, these ranchers will continue. We have to suppress profit.

“The SPCA is often at full capacity with dogs for adoption, we cannot accommodate the influx of irresponsibly raised puppies in Bermuda.

“The result of this behavior has resulted in and will result in the euthanasia of innocent dogs.

“Help us avoid this by raising public awareness of the problem. “

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