Dog grooming

Peebles: Fears aren’t stopping him from starting a dog grooming business

There will be fewer trips to a stable in Peebles after the green light was given for a new dog grooming facility – despite road safety fears raised by worried neighbours.

Approval has been given by the Scottish Borders Council for the partial change of an equestrian building to the south of Castlehill Farmhouse to house the dog grooming business.

The application had raised serious road traffic problems from neighbours.

One said: ‘As a family with young children and pets, I am already concerned about traffic on the stretch of private road between my property and the stables. Just this week I was taken off the road by a vehicle where I had to jump on an uneven embankment on the side of the road to avoid a vehicle.

“It’s a quiet residential area and traffic has increased tenfold in the last 13 years I’ve lived here. My family and I are really concerned about our safety and the safety of our pets. I fear a deadly accident.

But in his report endorsing the application, council planning officer Ranald Dods said the matter had been referred to the council’s roads section, which raised no objections.

He said: “Roads did not object to the proposal. I have no reason to question their assessment. The submissions made by the applicant indicate that the proposal would be discreet. The applicant was advised that to make the operation acceptable it would have to remain a subsidiary element, with restrictions imposed on days and hours of operation and that it would be more tied to the existing equestrian business.

In a letter of support, Edinburgh-based Derek Scott on behalf of the claimant, S. Brash, said: ‘The facility mentioned houses a tack room on the ground floor and unused space in a mezzanine above.

“The application proposes that the mezzanine above the tack room be used for dog grooming purposes to be undertaken by a staff member of the establishment. The staff member will be employed 20 hours a week as a groom in the existing yard, with the remainder of his 15 hour work week involved in dog grooming activities.