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New House of Paws dog grooming salon opening in Kirkgate, Shipley

POOCHES can be pampered at a new dog grooming salon – which also offers treatments for their owners.

House of Paws Dog Grooming, based in Kirkgate, gives owners the opportunity to drop off their pets for a grooming session at the salon.

Grooming appointments can take anywhere from 90 minutes to three hours.

The salon is co-owned by Ellie Bucci and James Jackson. They are a couple inside and outside the business and met in January 2020. They moved in together at the start of the first lockdown two months later.

Ellie Bucci pampers Bonnie in her new living room

They started their dog grooming business from the summer house in the garden of their home in Cottingley in June 2021. The business proved popular and they opened the salon in Kirkgate earlier this month.

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Ellie, from a village near Rome, manages the day-to-day operations for appointments at the Kirkgate salon and has previously taught dog grooming and worked in salons in London and Leeds.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Bonnie takes a pampering break at salon in Kirkgate, ShipleyBonnie takes a pampering break at Kirkgate Salon, Shipley

She also looked after the dogs of a host of footballers while in London, including Emiliano Sala, who died in a plane crash in 2019 after signing for Cardiff City.

Ellie says she always dreamed of opening a dog grooming business after working in the industry for several years.

She said: “It was my dream for a very long time.

“I also thought it would never happen for me.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Inside House of Paws in Shipley which opened earlier this month Inside House of Paws in Shipley, which opened earlier this month

“Most of my life I’ve always had dogs as pets. This is the first time I haven’t.

“I would like to run a dog grooming school. I have been teaching dog grooming for nine years.

“It’s very physical work. I am exhausted at the end of each day.

“You have to learn all breeds of dogs. They are all different and different breeds need a different style.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: some of the products on sale at House Of Paws Some of the products for sale at House Of Paws

Services offered by the salon include full grooming, bathing and dematting, which is the removal of a dog’s loose undercoat and nail trimming.

Meanwhile, dog owners can get pampered after dropping their pets off at a beauty salon also on-site.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: House of Paws opened in Shipley earlier this month House of Paws opened in Shipley earlier this month

Waxing Lyrical is located under House of Paws and offers treatments for humans including waxing, massages and facials.

It is run by Claire Halliday, who moved her business from Heaton to open in Shipley.

Visit and for more information on both companies.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Clare Halliday in her Waxing Lyrical lounge, also located in the same building as House of Paws Clare Halliday in her Waxing Lyrical lounge which is also located in the same building as House of Paws

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