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Meet the Owner – What The Fluff Dog Grooming

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Devan Ray Santerre-Diaz has been a groomer for over 14 years.

Devan and Nala

What The Fluff Dog Grooming is at 10121 Evergreen Way in South Everett.

After working as a dog groomer for more than a dozen years and as a veterinary technician for four and a half years, Devan Ray Santerre-Diaz decided he was in a position to take the plunge and open his own salon. dog grooming.

“I had great focus and was in a position with no loans or crazy debt,” Devan told us recently. “Over the years I had gathered the tools and materials I needed, so when the right place opened up, I was ready. I’ve been at this place in south Everett for two years, two months.

The space in a south Everett mall works for Devan on multiple levels. First, it’s right next to the veterinary clinic where he worked, which creates a nice synergy. Second, he and his husband live just five minutes away.

“I met my husband in the grooming world,” Devan explained. “He was a bather and I was a groomer.” Devan says her husband is no longer in the animal care industry, but is still stopping to help out.

When you enter What is Fluff Dog Grooming you might notice it’s a little quieter than other places where dogs come and go.

There are candles, music and a good amount of space between the kennels.

“Where many groomers do six to 10 dogs a day, I get four or five dogs,” Devan said. “I prefer a slow, calm and steady approach that puts a little less stress on the dogs.”

He tells us he’s always been a big animal, but when he started out as a groomer, he found out pretty quickly that he wasn’t really a cat. “I found out that I’m better with dogs,” he laughs.

I was wondering what people who have never taken their dog to a groomer should know.

“You must have vaccination records for your dog,” Devan told me. “Rage is mandatory but more information is always helpful.”

Devan says it was a weird leap from grooming to being your own boss. “Scary jump, but I’m glad I did it.”

What is Fluff Dog Grooming is located in the Southpoint Plaza Mall at 10121 Evergreen Way Suite 5 Everett, WA 98203.

They do not take appointments and you must have an appointment. You can call or text Devan anytime to schedule an appointment at (425) 903-1977.

You can see Devan’s salon and work on his Instagram page or on the Facebook page of the show.