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Luxury Boutique Cat Hotel reinvents boarding for cats and humans

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We like to see cafes for cats, but what about a luxury hotel for cats? Cat savior Brenda Wang recently opened The Luxe Meownor in Singapore, and it’s everything cat lovers or cats can dream of. Designed with inspiration from an old English mansion, the cats that stay there are called “MeowLords” and “MeowLadies”.

Wonderfully, the hotel helps rescued kittens, and in particular, older cats who often struggle to find homes, despite having amazing companions. At all times, a room in the hotel is reserved for rescue cats free of charge, while rescuers can also stay with a 50% discount.

“MeowLord Autumn, along with her brother MeowLord Winter, has a stay with us. They were both our rescued cats back then and we are so happy to see them back, especially now that they are so beautiful 🤍🤍”

Pictures via instagram/Meownor Luxury

Here, the cats’ guests receive two meals of wet food a day, an all-you-can-eat dry food buffet and water changed twice a day. Of course, the litter box is changed, and if the cat approves, they can enjoy grooming or “guest maintenance” by the experienced, cat-loving staff.

“MeowLord Woody tries to be the meow of our in-house designed cat furniture 🤍”

custom cat furniture

A luxury hotel for cats

When you hear the words, cat hotel, do you envision a luxury boutique with custom, stylish cat furniture? Here, the furniture is designed so that playful climbers can enjoy their stay and cats with reduced mobility.

You might not think cats would have their own tastefully furnished 25 square foot to 35 square foot “bedrooms”. When the cats stay here, there are 13 rooms with enough space for each guest to move around comfortably. Thus, cats do not feel trapped and feel more secure, like cats in a cat cafe environment.

Also, there is a guest limit, so only three cats maximum in the largest room and two for the smallest. At any one time, 15 cats can stay at Luxe Meownor. It’s very exclusive you know.

In this hotel for cats, cats have access to a Custom made tub just in case. In addition, cats can enjoy a Cat solarium with natural sunlight.

“One of our private suites, MBC1. Specially designed for the nature of this room and comes with a cat solarium, for cats that love the sun 🤍”

a room with furniture for cats

If they wish, cats can enjoy a massage with organic coconut oil here. So, it really is a full-fledged cat spa.

“It’s the VBC2 bedroom. It’s for cats who like tunnels and tree climbing. Yes it’s a real tree trunk 🤍”

a room at the hotel for cats

The luxury tour

For cat lovers going on vacation, this hotel allows them to enjoy their time knowing their cats are in luxury. However, it is not much more expensive than other boarding schools. According to a cost analysis by CNA Lifestyle, typical cat boarding costs in Singapore start at S$30 for a small “cabin”. Meanwhile, at the fanciest cat hotels, the cost starts at 48 Singapore dollars per cat per night.

“Just because we’re a luxury hotel doesn’t mean we have to be expensive,” Wang explained. “I want our hotel to be affordable, but not too cheap because we still have to pay our staff and overhead. If we can make do with our income and provide a good option for cat owners, why not? »

Welcoming guests, the EnEn chat ambassador helps guests feel at home.

“We’re proud to announce that EnEn is now our cat ambassador 🤍 (more like she’s excited to be our boss 🙈)”

cat ambassador

A cat hotel visionary

Brenda Wang is an experienced interior designer who designs the most stylish cat furniture. However, she also holds a degree in feline psychology and is an experienced cat rehabilitator.

Its motto : “Behind every happy, healthy cat is a great caregiver.”

In addition to providing an optimal experience for cats staying at the hotel, she also offers weekend cat care classes.

“The goal of the cat care class is to arm participants with basic knowledge about cats, such as what type of food to feed them, how to train them to use a litter box, how to protect their home and how to spot emergency situations that require a trip to the vet,” she recounts. CNA Lifestyle.

For hotel emergencies, a the veterinarian is on calland parents receive daily video updates.

“Part of our cat care program here also involves rehabilitation ~ we are very happy that Suki, one of the feral kittens is now embracing our hugs 🤍”

staff holding a rescued kitten

The pandemic led to a dream come true

After the pandemic, the interior decoration work calmed down, allowing Wang to focus on rescuing cats. However, she soon discovered that cat boarding was not allowed when she brought cats into her interior design office.

Then, with encouragement from a private Facebook group, Cats & Kittens of Singapore, she rented a shophouse on Jalan Besar to make the cat hotel a reality. The idea came years ago when she was looking for a place to house her cats, Ham and Cheese, finding the options undesirable. None provided rooms and they all housed dogs.

“Confining cats in small hutches for days on end can make them feel very trapped,” Wang said. “Getting them into rooms will make them feel more comfortable and they can socialize more quickly with their caregivers.”

Brenda Wang with one of her rescued cats, Murphee.

Brenda Wang with one of her rescued cats, Murphee. (Photo: instagram) Behind her is the Rescue Wall.

Business is ‘Piping Hot’

Since opening in February, Wang says business is already “very hot.” Some people reserve a place for their cats while they recover from COVID-19. Others come on a trip or vacation.

“Felix and Mickey are here for a stay as their family has been affected by Covid. ALL STAY SAFE! And I hope Mickey & Felix owner Tiff and his family recover soon so they can all be reunited 🤍”

cats in hotel

Helping Cats Overcome Their Behavioral Problems

Often, Wang and his friends help cats with behavioral problems. In one case, a stay at the Luxe Meownor helped a previously feral cat come to enjoy human companionship.

“In fact, when the owner sent her here, she was covered in scars,” Wang recalled. “We don’t just observe the cats, we also observe the owners. As much as possible, I try to guide owners on how to interact with their cats.

In a room called Chambermaids Hall, the space is designed more for people, so staff, volunteers and others can get to know each other and the cats.

What a brilliant concept, transforming the cat boarding experience! We wish The Luxe Meownor much success and happiness.

To find out more, you can follow the Luxe Meownor on Instagram.

Wonderfully, rescued cats have their own dedicated “commewnity” on instagram also.

“Mickey & Felix finally after being separated from their family for a week due to Covid were reunited with their owners today 🤍🤍”

Luxury cat boarding

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