Dog breeding

Lil Baby helps his friend start a dog breeding business

Lil Baby recently helped his close friend start a dog breeding business.

Last month, the 4PF Kennel Instagram page, which is owned by rapper “Emotionally Scarred” and his friend, revealed how they started the business. “I remember when we found this kennel,” his friend captioned a photo of him with Baby. “It must have been about a year ago. We talked for hours about how you wanted to be in the dog business since your incarceration. You looked me in the eye and said ‘Stay focused, it’s easy to retreat into these streets.’ “

He continued, “I took that advice to my heart and stayed low. I didn’t see any shows and crashed. Damn it, I felt good to hear you say, ‘I’m proud of you Big … 6 Figure N * gga now. “This is just the start and we are already winning. We motivate ourselves like real BROTHERS .. # LilBaby #NoMoInstagram #Albummode.

The Grammy-nominated rapper has always been the kind to watch over others. He recently threw a huge birthday party for Gianna Floyd, George Floyd’s daughter. According to Forbes, Baby funded the LOL doll-themed party at the Pink Hotel in Atlanta. Gianna got to have her hair and nails done with friends, pose for a photo with Lil Baby, and enjoy lots of colorful decorations and food.

Lil Baby also donates the proceeds from “The Bigger Picture” to several charities. One such charity was the Winter Warm Wishes Coat Giveaway in Birmingham, Alabama. Using a portion of the $ 1.5 million in proceeds, he donated 1,000 winter coats to children and adults.

“He sets an incredible example for our young people,” said John Hilliard, Birmingham City Councilor, in a statement. “I want to thank him for his willingness to come to Birmingham and spread kindness in these unprecedented times.”