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INSE P20 Dog Grooming Kit expands a new way to groom pets at home

INSE, a new rising brand providing floor care and home cleaning appliances, launched a new product today –INSE P20 Dog Grooming Kit, which is designed to solve the problem of home pet grooming and pet hair cleaning. The INSE P20 dog grooming tool is an all-in-one multi-function grooming vacuum that can groom the pet while picking up the clipped hair immediately, getting rid of the messy hair, the high cost of the groomer and the do-it-yourself (DIY) pet grooming.

More than 64% of American households have either a dog or a cat. The pet is still considered part of the family and the number of expenditures on pet health related products is increasing. Regular pet grooming can have a number of benefits, it can keep pets hygienic and smelling good, maintain a healthy coat and remove undercoat mats, eliminate and prevent fleas and give the animal an optimal appearance. Besides, it can also increase the bond between owners and pets and affect the mental state of pets to behave well. But regular pet grooming is also a huge expense. It is becoming crucial for many pet owners to look for new ways to save money and care for their furry companions.

The INSE P20 pet grooming kit is an innovative machine that combines the grooming kit with a pet vacuum. It develops a new line of INSE and better clarifies INSE’s mission to focus on family and home cleaning.

Additional product features include:

I Professional Grooming Tools: Various tools to meet different needs, a detangling brush to remove loose and dead hair, a slicker brush to remove mats and tangles from the undercoat, and a hair clipper to trim and trim pet hair . And two other cleaning tools for picking up pet hair that falls on the carpet, sofa, pet house and pet toys. The cleaning brush can also brush and vacuum pets’ feet after a walk.

I Animal safety first: No sharp edges or parts that can get caught on pets and comes with four comfortable protective combs to prevent skin from coming into direct contact with the trimmer.

I Three power modes: It has three working modes from 5000pa, 7000pa to 9000pa, which allows pet owners to choose the right suction mode according to pets’ size and coat type, suitable for dog grooming, cats or rabbits. Powerful suction yet quiet, pet-friendly design.

I 0.3Gal trash can: Equipped with a larger dustbin to reduce the frequency of emptying during use, pressing a button can easily empty the hair.

I Suitable for beginners: Only a few simple steps are able to start pet grooming at home. A metal filter is washable and can easily be cleaned after each use to ensure good suction power. It would be annoying to deal with hair stuck in the attached hose, but with the removable hose it will be a breeze.

I Compact size: The power cord is easily stored under the base of the machine to reduce cord wrap, and the whole machine takes up little space.

About INSE

INSE was established in 2019 and has grown rapidly over the past three years among e-commerce brands in North America. The price of the INSE P20 dog grooming kit is $179.98 and is available on Amazon and INSE official website. Please visit for more information.

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