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Inhuman breeding of ‘Lilac Dog’ finds new basis in recent craze

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People who have way too much money, who make goods out of things they shouldn’t, is nothing new. But the Lilac Dog craze is a particularly absurd and cruel stretch.

From an informative and humorous article by The Guardian, a Lilac Dog is a pedigree bred specifically to be an unusual color centerpiece – essentially, arm candy, but dogs.

Their fur can be in shades of lilac, silver, charcoal, or tiger stripes, and breeding causes a whirlwind of health issues for dogs, so a bored rich person can look interesting. , and like The Guardian say it, “accessorize your upholstery”.

Spoiler alert: this is not the case.

It makes someone both absurd and cruel for spending over $ 12,000 on some sort of fashion statement on animal cruelty or “some freakish Frankenstein character who needs to be stopped at all costs”, as rightly suggested The Guardian.

Where does the craze for lilac dogs come from?

This new breeding trend unfortunately comes from American dog breeders.

In the 1980s, American breeders began crossing Labradors with Weimaraners, which gave birth to the first lilac dog. After that he was officially registered as a pedigree.

Once the craze picked up, breeders began to use DNA discoveries to streamline and cash in. After they finished breeding Lilac Dogs, they switched to silver, charcoal, and tiger striped varieties.

An inhuman breeding trend

Lilac brindle french bulldog dog standing in front of the wall

(Photo credit: Firn / Getty Images)

Now I hope you don’t think this looks cool. It’s not.

Dogs that are subjected to this type of breeding suffer from various skin disorders and hair loss, all so that someone can strut around their rare looking and possibly deeply tormented puppy like a coat. of precious fur.

In recent years, price inflation and the propensity of this breeding have increased. This prompted the Kennel Club to launch an investigation.

An organization that has come under heavy fire, itself, for allegedly advocating for dog eugenics, has since completely disassociated itself from the practice.

Positively, however, because of this story, their involvement raised eyebrows when it comes to awareness of the lilac dog craze. One can only hope that with the right kind of exposure, these breeders will be bankrupted by public outrage.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t often deter a big wallet.

As always, DogTime advocates the adoption of dogs wherever possible. By adopting, you will have a loving companion without enduring cruel breeding practices. You can consult The DogTime adoption page to find your new best friend!

What are your thoughts and feelings on Lilac Dog Crazy? How do you think we can put an end to these cruel animal husbandry practices? Let us know in the comments below.