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Inflation also affects 4-legged family members

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – No relief has come yet on inflation.

The latest report from the US Commerce Department shows prices are up 6.4% from a year ago. Food and energy prices are behind the rise.

Eyewitness News has also heard from viewers talking about items that cost them more, including food and supplies for their pets. So we went to the dog park to find out what people were seeing.

Debbie Wondra said: ‘Canned food has gone up by a third and the dry food I use for it is no longer available. Either it went out or its price went up. – a canine resource website – found in a survey of dog parents earlier this year found that 71% have noticed the rising prices for food, supplies and care and 73% are concerned.

February’s consumer price index pushes pet food prices up 3.7% year over year.

For other pet supplies and accessories, the average increase is 7.5%.

“We buy most of our food online and we buy it in large quantities, so it hasn’t really been noticeable at this point, but I know it’s definitely increasing. Some of the snacks we buy from local stores are definitely more expensive,” Dale Goter said.

Pet care costs more with veterinary and other services for our four-legged friends up 5.8% between 2021 and 2023.

Sailor Sulire said, “Vet prices still seem expensive to me, but yeah, only the basics, the meds, the injections all went up.”

Increases in pet purchases are generally less than what we spend on ourselves on food and energy.

“Human food, obviously, we notice that a lot more than pet food,” Goter said.

With widespread increases, it is the growing expenses that add up.

However, pet owners said their pets were worth the extra money and their happiness was priceless.

Sulire said: “I have a small dog so he doesn’t eat much, but I would do anything for him no matter what.”

“We are a retired couple, so pets are important to us. It will always be a priority. If we had to cut, we would make adjustments elsewhere. We wouldn’t cut back on what it takes to make Rudy happy,” Goter said.

If people need help with pet food, there are pet food banks. They are often run by humane societies, animal rescue groups and other community organizations.

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