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Illegal dog breeding – is this what you want to support? – Herald of the South Coast

Due to the economic downturn, some people are raising dogs for huge financial gain.

I’m not against breeding – I’m against indiscriminate dog draining.

All purebred breeders must be registered with the Kennel Union of South Africa (KUSA).

KUSA is able to track certain practices such as the number of litters produced by each female each year. Unfortunately, KUSA cannot control everything the breeders do. Females should not be mated every time they are in heat. If a breeder is not registered with KUSA, the buyer will have little or no recourse if the puppy has genetic defects.

If a puppy purchased from a registered breeder is diagnosed with hip dysplasia or inherited eye disorders, for example by a qualified veterinarian, you, as the legal owner, have the right to report that breeder to KUSA, who will take the necessary measures. produce a veterinarian’s certificate attesting to the condition of the hips and eyes – from both parents of the puppy.


If you are looking to purchase a specific breed of dog, the safest route to take would be to speak to your vet or contact KUSA who can direct you where to contact a reputable breeder. This way you will not be supporting blind breeding like puppy mills / breeding.

Make an appointment with the breeder:

If the breeder does not agree to make an appointment to see the puppy or the parents, move away, this is not the breeder you should buy a puppy from. If a date is granted, ask to see both parents and any puppies in the litter. If you observe any type of lameness or aggression in either parent, do not buy the puppy, you are exposing yourself to vet bills and heartache. Report your observations to KUSA, which will take any action it deems necessary. If the conditions the dogs are kept are unhygienic and the dogs do not appear to be well groomed, report it to KUSA.

Breeders have the right to sell you a puppy with breeding restrictions. Any responsible breeder will not allow a buyer to breed with a dog, unless prior arrangements have been made. In this way, the breed is protected, as well as the litters of unwanted puppies. Usually, a breeder will not transfer the dog to the buyer until proof of sterilization has been received by the breeder.


Anyone who has not witnessed the horrific conditions of a puppy mill cannot imagine the cruelty to which these dogs are subjected. The females are mated at each arrival in the season, they are kept in small cages which are never cleaned, the dogs and puppies are in poor health and they are never vaccinated against canine diseases. When the females are too old to produce puppies, they are given, mostly to people who don’t really want them, and they end up in animal shelters.

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NEVER buy a puppy from a roadside vendor.

Or a third party unless the third party agrees to provide the breeder’s contact details. If you are able to see the parents and are confident that they are healthy and conditions are respectable, only then should you buy the puppy.

Don’t buy a puppy advertised on social media – you could be supporting a puppy mill.

We can all help stop this indiscriminate breeding and cruelty by not supporting it.


Recently a puppy was bought by a couple. They had always liked this specific breed and had seen one advertised for sale. This puppy was sold to them by a third party, and no details of the puppy’s history were available. At six months, the dog was sterilized. She did not appear to be well and a visit to the vet confirmed that she was suffering from an immunodeficiency disorder.

These owners have paid expensive vet bills, the dog is no longer in school due to his illness, and the breeders of this dog will continue to breed and sell puppies as they are unknown and the third party will not disclose who are the breeders. The breeders and the third are both, EARNING MONEY selling puppies, a sad situation.

Immunodeficiency is a congenital disease, meaning that a dog is born with the disease. (Ref:

Do the responsible thing, KNOW WHERE YOUR PUPPY COMES FROM.


Yvonne ACDIPCBM (United Kingdom)

Please see the following website for more detailed information on puppy mills:


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