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How pet boarding schools are helping dog parents in COVID-19 times

Life as we know it has been turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic, and we are constantly concerned for the well-being of our families. This includes furry friends for pet parents. So what happens when a dog parent tests positive for COVID-19? Don’t worry, the city’s pet boarding houses are here for you.

Many pet boarding services in the city are stepping up to provide care for the pets of families affected by COVID-19. Keerthi Priyadharshini’s Dog House provides specialist services as part of “Crisis Boarding”, their latest initiative. “When dog parents test positive and are still quarantined, they find themselves in a difficult situation. They don’t want to endanger their pets, ”she says.

His organization provides pickup services in such cases, but not without a series of precautions in place. “In some cases, not all family members test positive. Thus, we ask that the dog be separated for at least 48 hours from the infected parents. We then ensure that the animal is given a full bath by a healthy parent or helpful neighbor. We then bring the dog to our establishment with PPE equipment, ”Keerthi explains.

Welcoming dogs during these troubling times was a given to Akansha Lal from Petters in the city. “In general, many boarding houses are picky about the dogs they welcome. But I can never say no to any dog,” says Akansha, who has welcomed more than 20 such dogs since the announcement. lock. Her protocols include additional shampoo baths and neem water soaks and periodic vital checks. The Greater Chennai Corporation also intervened by asking families to register the dogs, it adds.

It’s important for dogs to feel safe, especially at a time when people are abandoning pets around the world, Keerthi notes. “It’s a very sad situation and things are stigmatized by people who are panicking. A healthy dog, through no fault of its own, does not need to suffer, ”she adds.

Adhishwar, co-founder of Hotel For Dogs, attributes paranoia to what he calls “WhatsApp University”. “There is a whole bunch of unverified advances that continue to circulate,” he said, adding that there is still no tangible evidence regarding the transmission of the virus from animals. Adhishwar, who has housed some 20 dogs during this period with the greatest precautions in place, sees this more as a civic responsibility and less as a business function. “All we can do

is to educate and inform people, ”he said.

24 hour care

Dogs need 24/7 attention and love, the facilities observe. “A dog needs attention when it comes to grooming, exercising and feeding. Parents who are COVID-19 positive cannot walk them. Everyone misses their parents, but it is a time of crisis. Even though there is no evidence of animal transmission, a few people are concerned that dogs will catch the virus, ”Keerthi said, adding that she had also received calls from owners who wanted to permanently abandon their dogs. “We have to explain to them that we are a temporary boarding school. Some of them just throw the dogs outside the Blue Cross. We need a lot more awareness on this subject, ”she adds.

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