Dog grooming

Hot pink double-decker bus transformed into dog grooming business

Your dog won’t even know he’s been to the groomer, as he boards this hot pink double-decker bus.

The Dog Shack is the only one of its kind in the world and is loved by patrons and furry customers for its unique, practical and welcoming premises.

According to owner Francesca, this “doesn’t look like your typical living room” and is ideal for anxious and small pets.

The dog house was nominated for TeamDogs WeLoveDogs price – in partnership with PocketVet – and currently ranks among the top new dog-accepting companies in Britain.

TeamDogs user Laura said: “This grooming service has been specially designed to accommodate all breeds, especially smaller ones, and is particularly suited to nervous breeds. And it all takes place inside a hot pink double-decker bus. What’s not to love! ”

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Dogs of all breeds love to visit the pink dog salon

To learn more about the unconventional grooming salon, TeamDogs spoke to co-owner Francesca about her business.

In 2018, Francesca Wills, 27, and Nicola Forster, 38, launched The Dog Shack in a converted horse trailer. Then, a year ago, they switched to a double-decker bus.

“The Dog Shack doesn’t look like your typical living room,” Francesca said.

“A lot of dogs are afraid of being groomed, but they react much better to a bus than to a store.”

Customers can watch their dogs being groomed through the windows, so it’s the peace of mind that their pets are being handled properly. And it’s great for nervous animals.

Francesca and Nicola have their own dogs – a Jack Russell called Archie, a Staffie cross called Milo, and a Pomeranian called Barry – who all love to be pampered in the cabin.

Pink interiors match the bright exterior
Pink interiors match the bright exterior

Francesca said her customers love the original element of the living room the most.

“It’s different and more comfortable. The dogs want to run inside and we don’t have to bring any of them in.

The design of the bus also helped keep costs low throughout the pandemic – although business has always been tough.

“We were closed for eight weeks at the start of containment. Then we could only open for welfare cases, ”said Francesca.

“Now we’re open five days a week and constantly busy. “

Their most popular treatment is a full clip and tooth cleaning. Dogs visit every six months for grooming and every four months for teeth cleaning.

“We have the same regulars, which is lovely. We see so many puppies growing up, ”said Francesca.

The Dog Shack is particularly ideal for nervous and small dogs
The Dog Shack is particularly ideal for nervous and small dogs

Francesca’s favorite part of her job is playing with the dogs one-on-one.

“The dogs respond very well to our grooming and we value our time with them,” she said.

The Dog Shack is located at Waterworld on Chester High Road in Neston. You can find them on their Facebook page and vote for them in the National TeamDogs competition.

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