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Hempfield woman accused of leaving dog and cat in abandoned house

A woman from Hempfield is accused of leaving a dog and cat in an abandoned house, court documents show.

Michele Ann Kelly, 36, was charged this week with two counts of animal cruelty.

Soldiers said they were told on November 12 by a home nurse working in the township neighborhood off Highway 30 that there were pets left at a house on Magee Drive after the Kelly family left. . The house appeared to be abandoned, police said, and they could smell animal feces, urine and garbage from outside.

A German Shepherd and a cat were found inside. The soldiers said a side door was not secure and the house was in appalling conditions with only a wooden sub-floor throughout most of the interior. There was no food or water for the animals, according to court documents.

The dog had matted fur and scars on its nose and paws and some of its teeth appeared to be filed down, police said. The cat’s fur was matted and he had a wound on his nose.

The animals were taken away by aid workers and the Westmoreland County Animal Response Team, police said. It was not clear from court documents when the house was abandoned by Kelly. The property is owned by an Arizona man, according to county deeds.

The charges were sent to Kelly by summons. She did not have a lawyer listed in online court records and could not be reached.

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