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Greater Cape Ann Community Collaboration Reports Progress in Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccinations

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The Greater Cape Ann Community Collaborative is happy to share that more than half of children aged 5 to 11 in the region have received at least one dose of a pediatric COVID-19 vaccine since it was first made available.

According to the state’s public health department, 2,432 children aged 5 to 11 in the GCACC service area received a dose, out of a total of 4,575 eligible children, or 53.2%.

The rates of partially immunized children aged 5 to 11, by community, are:

  • Boxford, 321 out of 662, 48.5%
  • Essex, 136 out of 273, 49.8%
  • Hamilton, 402 of 619, 65.0%
  • Ipswich, 458 out of 874, 52.4%
  • Manchester-by-the-Sea, 210 out of 404, 52.0%
  • Middleton, 229 out of 675, 33.9%
  • Rockport, 152 out of 330, 46.0%
  • Topsfield, 304 out of 456, 66.7%
  • Wenham, 220 out of 282, 78.1%

The Greater Cape Ann Community Collaborative runs permanent weekly clinics and pop-up clinics throughout Cape Ann. Information on all GCACC clinics can be found here.

“We are very encouraged to see so many parents bringing their children for immunization,” said Rachel Lee, City of Hamilton Public Health Nurse and Collaborative Leader. “These vaccines provide an extra layer of protection for children and those around them, especially during the holiday season.

The GCACC is supported in several clinics by Dog BONES Therapy Dogs of Scituate, which provides up to four teams of therapy dogs. The teams – Deborah and Gus, Gayle and Gracie, Amanda and Stella, and Pamela and Ruby – provide a friendly, furry and calming presence to children, their parents and guardians, as well as clinic staff.

“We are very grateful for these volunteers and the time they have given so generously,” said Lee.