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Furry Friends: Dog Grooming Chisholm Tails

I had a great time with Andy and Christina Mayfield, co-owners of Chisholm Tails Dog Grooming! First of all, their name is adorable. The Chisholm tail instead of the Chisholm trail gives you a full understanding of the kind of environment and the amount of fun Andy and Christina have created with their dog grooming business. They offer all the basic services you could possibly need and will take care of any dog, no matter how small!

One of the main reasons I wanted to feature this team on the show is the adorable farewell gift they give dog owners when they come to pick up their dog. As you can see in the segment, the Mayfields have set up an area for a photoshoot for the dogs after their grooming. They change the backdrop every month or so and take the cutest photos owners can keep as part of their package. Some of the sets are hilarious and all of them are absolutely adorable! They also send all of their dogs home with a goodie bag full of fun surprises.

If you would like to contact this amazing and fun team, you can visit their website at: