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Fur flies in ABC’s “Pooch Perfect” dog grooming competition

A multitalented woman, actress, singer, producer and comedian, Rebel Wilson, shows a different side of herself in a series of upcoming competitions on ABC.

In “Pooch Perfect,” an eight-episode series airing March 30, the “Pitch Perfect” and “Isn’t It Romantic” star plays host to 10 of the nation’s top dog groomers and their assistants. face off in a series of challenges designed to test their canine headdress skills.

Rebel Wilson presents “Pooch Perfect,” which airs Tuesday on ABC.

As the teams are emptied, the remaining tandems will show off their transformations on an epic ride. The winner – as determined by a jury made up of reality TV star Lisa Vanderpump (“Vanderpump Rules”), acclaimed dog groomer Jordan Bendersky and veterinarian Callie Harris – will receive a substantial cash prize and the “Trophy” Pooch Perfect “.

For Wilson, who is also an executive producer here, the role is familiar ground, having grown up in a family of professional dog handlers on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia.

“My great-grandmother started the Beagle Club of Australia,” the actress said, “and every weekend of my childhood… I went to dog shows. And my family’s business was a small one. yellow caravan in which we were traveling Australia for different dog shows, and we were selling dog grooming products mainly at all dog showers.… But I was personally a junior driver and I went to so many dog ​​shows in all over the country and I showed dogs and groomed dogs. Yeah, that’s a side of me people didn’t think about.

The dogs on this show are all pets that have been tested for temperament to ensure they enjoy being groomed and shown. And groomers are the cream of the crop, all highly trained and accomplished professionals who are well versed in cutting and dyeing canine fur safely, lest dogs get hurt. And when the time comes for the walk, famous masters will escort them down the aisle.

But as much the skills of groomers will be highlighted, so will the canine-human bond. For Wilson, who ironically is allergic to dogs, this is a chance to show off what she does best.

“I’ll try to bring the comedy,” she said. “I also do what’s called ‘Dogography’ in the show, which is a new term I coined where, basically, we dress the (production assistants) in dog costumes, and then I worked out some little dances. “

“Because of COVID, we just had stuffed animals as an audience,” she added. “So, yeah, I tried to lighten it up. So it was a challenge, and it’s tough, and I have a lot of respect for everyone who actually works because it’s really tough.

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