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Four animals killed in fire at animal boarding house | News Free


An early morning fire at Best Friends Boarding and Grooming in Kirbyville claimed the lives of four animals this morning (January 25).

Central Taney County Fire Chief Douglas Bower reported that around 6 a.m. crews were called in about a commercial structure fire at a business on Highway 76 East.

“The first units to arrive at the scene said they had received heavy gunfire from the rear of the building, which quickly spread into the main section of the building,” Bower said. “We were able to come in and dismantle the building fairly quickly. He suffered excessive damage all over. Most of the fire was up high.

Bower said that while they were able to put out the blaze fairly quickly, two dogs and two cats inside the building did not survive the blaze.

“During the fire, we learned that there were a few animals inside. We had four little animals that perished in the fire, ”Bower said. “It’s always a bad deal. We were able to get them out of the fire later, but unfortunately by then they were dead.

Firefighters cleaned up the scene around 11 a.m. Bower said after an investigation the cause of the fire was undetermined. He added that the investigation was closed and confirmed that they had no working theory on the cause of the fire.

No additional injuries were reported. The Western Taney County Fire Protection District provided mutual assistance at the scene.