Dog breeding

Ernakulam District Prison Dog Breeding Center a Great Success

Selling puppies is perhaps the last thing you can associate with a prison.

But the Ernakulam District Prison has been doing it for a few years now thanks to its dog breeding center.

The center became operational with the purchase of three bitches – a Labrador, a Doberman and a German Shepherd – with sponsorship two years ago. Since then, the center has sold five puppies, while a few have been lost due to miscarriage.

“The income from the sale of the puppies is deposited in the treasury. So far, we have incurred more than 2 lakh of operational expenses for the center. We are likely to become profitable with the next batch of puppies, ”said P. Vijayan, director of the prison.

The center has grown in popularity through word of mouth, as prison authorities publish the puppies’ availability in newspapers, leading to their immediate sale.

The last to be sold were two German Shepherds, who sold 25,000 each on Thursday. They were captured by dog ​​lovers as soon as the prison authorities announced their availability. Although there were three puppies, one was given to the person who gave the mating dog. Likewise, in the past, three Dobermans were sold for a collective price of 89,000 yen.

The dogs at the center are registered with a recognized dog club and are periodically vaccinated.

The detainees are trained in the handling of dogs and are entrusted with the maintenance of the breeding center. “They feed the dogs and take them for walks and exercise. The center not only helps in successfully engaging detainees, but also offers them the opportunity to engage in dog breeding, which is very profitable, once they are released, ”said Eldho PY, deputy director of the prison, which is also in charge of the dog breeding center.

The center can add more dogs and when it can afford it.

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