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Ed’s Shearing’s Dog Grooming Studio reveals the touching story behind the business

Ed’s Shearing’s Dog Grooming Studio is more than a humorous nod to award-winning singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran.

It’s a reminder of how owners Julie and Alfie Moon quit their jobs as firefighters and pursued their dream.

The couple opened their dog grooming studio in February 2020, exactly one month before the UK was plunged into the first coronavirus lockdown.

And now, they’ve revealed that the real inspiration behind the business is Julie’s mother, Edna, who died in 2018 from a hernia.

Julie, 53, said: “When my mom died I didn’t know how I was going to make it better so we got a dog and named him Eddy after my mom because we called him. Ed for short.

“We knew Eddy was going to need some grooming and I was a hairdresser so I decided to take dog groomer training and that’s how it all happened.”

After her mother died, Julie decided that something had to change in her life.

She bought a cavapoo and named it Eddy and then decided to pursue her idea of ​​opening a dog grooming studio, with Ed’s Shearing’s considered the perfect name.

Julie added: “My mum Edna had shiny red hair, Eddy the dog has red hair and Ed Sheeran too, so that seemed like the perfect name.”

Julie converted to a dog groomer and found the perfect premises with her husband in Low Fell, Gateshead.

And despite the challenges of the pandemic, the couple are celebrating a successful first year as a business owner.

A highlight for the couple was the recognition of Ed Sheeran, whose signed photo sits at the entrance to the studio, along with a photo of Edna.

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Julie said: “We wrote to Ed Sheeran’s management company and they sent us a signed photo and letter congratulating us and wishing us good luck in the business.

“They said Ed thinks it’s great and wish us all the best with it.”

The couple are hoping they can open a second dog grooming studio in the future – and they would like Ed Sheeran to do the grand opening.

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