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Doggies appeal… Dog breeding is important in the UAE – News – Emirates

I have a poodle, your dog looks good. Do you want to pair?

At least once a week, Jackie Ratcliffe receives a request on Facebook, not to become friends with her but to meet her dog. “They see my dog ​​and think he would associate with their dog.”

Dogs of different breeds, mix breeds with different breeds or breeds that are not ready to be bred; the sky is the limit for some dog breeders in the UAE.

According to Jackie, president of K9 Friends in Dubai, dog breeding is big in the country.

Meanwhile, the dog population is growing year on year and volunteers have their hands full trying to provide a safe haven for all dogs. Dog shelters are fully occupied and volunteers receive new requests every day.

“There is a big problem here. There are just too many dogs. Knowing this, I would not encourage anyone to buy a dog, but to seek adoption. We have so many dogs that need new homes “, says Sarina Koerth, who co-directs the Dubai Animal Welfare Society.

Sarina and many of her colleagues watch with despair the continued production of dog breeders. “While we are running to try to minimize the population, others are running to increase it,” she says in frustration.

However, dog breeding is considered a legal activity in Dubai and for many a hobby, which they see no harm in. “There are people who breed for the love of the breed. You can’t stop people from wanting a specific breed,” says Montserrat Martin, founder of Friends of Animals in Dubai.

“But there are also those who breed because it’s a lucrative business. Sometimes these people don’t know anything about breeding or dogs. There are people who would breed a Chiwawa with a Labrador.”

According to the volunteers, breeding should be controlled to a minimum. But according to Hisham, a veterinarian at the Dubai Municipality, this is difficult to achieve. “People don’t need a license to breed a dog, so we can’t regulate this activity. We can’t be aware of all the dogs bred in the emirate.”

The story changes when the breeder turns breeding into a business. For this, the breeder needs a license, and when the license is there, the activity is controlled by the Dubai Municipality. However, many breeders, if not more, operate without a license.

“There are a lot of advertisements online every day; the illegal trade in dogs is very big here. Because it is illegal, advertisers can write that the dogs are for adoption. Once someone calls, the price will be mentioned,” Sarina knows.

“The problem is not just with breeders. There is also a demand; people ask breeders to deliver puppies of a certain breed. Or they have a dog and ask me if we can mix our dogs. Everything what i mean is if anyone needs a dog please come see us we have a lot of dogs looking for a new owner.

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