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Dog survives rattlesnake attack; vets recommend extra caution on daily walks

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) – A Franklin County dog ​​is doing well and recovering after being bitten by a rattlesnake two weeks ago. Veterinarians recommend that dog owners pay attention to where their dog roams in mountainous areas.

Emily Scott has opened up about how scary it was to watch her four-year-old dog, Lola, deal with a fatal attack.

“If something happens to him…I don’t even know,” Scott said. “She is our life, our life revolves around her.”

In late June, a rattlesnake bit Lola in Franklin County while on a daily walk through the neighborhood.

“She just went off to the side in the woods to use the bathroom and my husband said he heard the snake swoop down on her but didn’t see it,” Scott said. “The rattle didn’t start.”

Scott and her husband immediately took Lola to an emergency clinic to receive anti-venom treatment. At Roanoke Inc.’s Emergency Veterinary & Specialty Services clinic, the doctor explained that it’s not uncommon to see rattlesnake attacks during this time of year.

“The main thing is to get to the vet,” said Maureen Roberts. “There are old wives stories about sucking venom and things like that, but I definitely don’t recommend it. Simply take your pet to the vet as soon as possible.

Nearby, in Botetourt County, Pet Health Clinic offers a preventative rattlesnake bite vaccine for dogs for $28.

“It helps prevent morbidity and mortality, so that means it can help prevent the severity of the disease,” Dr Kayla Shelton said.

Experts recommend watching where your dog walks and going to the vet or an emergency clinic immediately if bitten.

“Sometimes they’re just trying to protect you and that’s often why they get bitten and we don’t,” Dr Shelton said.

For her dog mother Emily, she is happy to have Lola home and safe after the attack.

“Really, minutes matter to your dog’s life,” Scott said.

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