Dog breeding

Dog lover or pedigree lover? The Sad Truth About Illegal Dog Breeding

Walking through the streets, a lovely puppy can be seen wagging its tail, lying by the trash can, waiting for someone to give it good care and food, perhaps waiting to be adopted. Would you adopt? No right? Because what we humans want is a high class dog that makes us feel rich, right?

According to reports, India is one of the fastest growing countries in high class dog breeding. We Indians are fascinated by all things foreign and have developed an attraction to purebred dogs – “PEDIGREED” and of course we want it at the lowest possible price as if it were a grocery item made in a factory or mill.

So, to meet our materialistic demands, breeders set up mills. Yes, exactly puppy mills. For years together, dog breeders work outside the law. With the fascination of foreign dogs around, they force these dogs to mate their own brothers with sisters, father with daughter, and bought for this world to sell to people who buy for “status”. In short, they are forced to “RAPE” using “rape props” with their own blood just for our human selfishness. Dog breeding is a marketable business that earns thousands of rupees. They are all illegal backyard breeders whose income they do not recognize as no amount goes to the government as it is an unregulated activity. Additionally, the number of backyard breeders has exploded nationwide as the demand for high-class pets has increased.

If the breeders respect the laws and regulations set by the government, the breeding is legal. However, those who treat animals cruelly are not. To be honest, in most cases these factories don’t care what condition their dogs live in. Most of these litters are not registered with the Animal Welfare Board and therefore are not cared for or housed before being sold. They crate dogs and keep them confined in dark areas and survive in contaminated places. These are treated as for-profit products. Moreover, this selective activity has led to a variety of birth defects or genetic disorders.

Man’s so-called best friend suffers the greatest physical and mental trauma. What is more upsetting is that he forcibly raised them using “RAPE STANDS” without sufficient rest periods between births. Females are given hormone injections to speed up their cycles. The discomfort that women experience during periods of unnatural heat increases the risk of uterine cancer. Consequently, puppies are born with genetic, behavioral and psychological problems that make life miserable for years. Many die in this process while others are abandoned once unusable. Lately, abandoned dogs have been transported to the North Eastern states of India and then exported to other countries for HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

Kannada’s recent movie ‘Charlie 777’ influenced a lot of “Pedigree lovers”. The word ‘Pedigree Lovers’ is deliberately underlined as we see demand for ‘Labradors’ increasing after the film’s release. However, viewers forgot that the movie obviously reminds us that the dog “Charlie” escaped a cruel breeder and later suffered from cancer at a tender age. Additionally, the vet alleged that this was due to the breeder’s unwanted breeding techniques and constant torture by HORMONES INJECTION because she was a female. Such films give us moral messages, but do we humans understand the plight of these dogs? Is it too difficult to achieve?

Newborn puppies are thrown into a cage under dangerous conditions. According to reports, it has been found that when buyers visit breeders; the puppies were kept away from their mothers and fed once a day. These puppies are often denied veterinary care. Asked about vaccinations, breeders answer that they are dewormed. Genetic problems are prevalent in all breeding cases. They include physical problems, fear-based disorders, and many other problems.

All this has led to disturbances in the ecosystem. Hundreds of dogs die in these puppy mills and are never properly cremated, just thrown away. Faeces are never cleaned or disposed of properly. These dangerous bacteria enter the soil, water and air, threatening the ecosystem. Adding “more” to the ecosystem is not what we want. Right?

“If you take a hungry dog ​​and make it prosperous, it won’t bite you. This is the main difference between a dog and a man”. Every time a dog is raised, homeless dogs lose the opportunity to have a good life. A dog waiting in an animal shelter loses a chance to find a loving home. It is irresponsible to bring more dogs into the world when many dogs are suffering every day because there are no homes for them.

This is clearly a mess created by man to satisfy his greed. Here, breeders and buyers are responsible for engaging in such a monstrous act. The responsibility lies not only with dog lovers or pedigree enthusiasts, but with all of us.

Awareness is the first step to bringing about change. Talk to probable pet parents who are considering buying a dog. Let them know how heinous acts are committed and can affect different levels. Raise awareness on social media by sharing informative content, bust ops and various stories so they are inspired to ADOPT NOT BUY. Boycott pet stores, report websites selling dogs, and notify pet shelters and rescuers.

Here are some tips/tricks on how you can eliminate dog breeders and puppy mills-

· Don’t fall prey to unrealistic prices. To get rid of a sick puppy, the breeder can sell it at a derisory price.

· Insist on visiting the facility to verify the environment in which the puppies are kept. If you are limited, know that something is fishy.

· Always have puppies over 8 weeks old. Obtain a birth certificate card from the breeder and make sure it has a veterinary signature and stamp.

· Ethical breeders conduct background checks on pet parents and usually ask questions to ensure the family is capable of caring for the dog in the future.

· Ethical breeders will always follow legally prescribed procedures by signing a contract and handing over the puppy’s veterinary records, including vaccination details.

· If you are ready to care for a dog properly and for life, adopt a dog from a shelter. Additionally, you can give an equivalent amount that you were supposed to give to the breeder instead.

Finally, it’s to remind us all that “dogs have always been faithful for ages”. Know that every dog ​​deserves to be treated with self-esteem and respect, but not as a commodity that makes money. “Dogs come into our lives to teach us love, they leave to teach us loss.”