Dog grooming

Dog grooming academy plan approved for Old Bank Market Drayton

The Four Paws Groom School will open on vacant HSBC premises in Cheshire Street later this year, after its request to change the use of the building was given the green light.

The training academy, which offers qualifications through the national iPET network, will be based on the ground floor while business offices will be located on the first and second floors.

Sarah Mackay and Fern Gresty, who also run the Four Paws Groom Schools in Cheshire and Kent, said: “We are delighted that the Shropshire Council has approved our plans.

“Now all systems are going to open our latest business, which will represent an expansion into the Midlands for our business.

“We’re so passionate about providing training for dog groomers and pet professionals, we’ve been in the industry for many years, and it’s our way of helping the trades we love to do.” take it to the next level and give something back. “


In addition to the qualifications for professionals, Four Paws Groom School will also offer Pet First Aid courses and a day-long ‘care for your own dog’ course for pet owners.

Fern and Sarah added, “We believe the more people who know these skills the better, and this will ensure that we have a nation of healthy and happy pets.”

The bank’s conversion request, which closed in January 2016, was supported by Market Drayton City Council and there were no public objections.

A report from Planning Officer Alison Lloyd said: “The property is located in the main shopping area of ​​Market Drayton, in the city center and the main designated shopping areas.

“The proposal would add to the mixed uses in the local community and also provide jobs to the area, creating a number of jobs.

“The proposal will also help enhance the diversity and vitality of Market Drayton.

“The proposal will address the local needs and the broader service and employment needs of the communities of Market Drayton, which is identified as a primary center under the planning policy.”