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Dog Breeding Center Proposed for Medical Research Gets Negative Reactions in Spring Green | Local government


Marcus and other village officials were unaware of the goals of the research until residents brought the information to the meeting, according to village clerk Wendy Crary, who was also in attendance.

“Without people showing up, I don’t know if we would have ever known,” Crary said.

The Kanes confirmed that the facility’s intention would be medical dog breeding at the meeting after the concerns were raised. Committee members voted unanimously to reconsider the issue on July 17.

Spring Green residents and animal rights activists protested a potential dog breeding business that would sell the animals to medical researchers at a joint committee meeting at the town hall on June 19. The decision on the request has been postponed until next month’s meeting.


It is not known what type of testing would be performed on the dogs after they are sold, but Kanes’ attorney, Michael Curran, said in an interview that the dogs are “purposefully bred coonhounds.” He said all dogs that are bred and bred at the facilities are intended for sale to research institutes.

“This is not a facility for creating pets,” Curran said. “This is not the primary goal of the company.

The approval of the two facilities will have to go through several channels as they are each located in several zoning municipalities. The largest boarding school, which will be located on Big Hollow Road, would be in the town of Spring Green. It would require approval from the Sauk County Land Resources and Environment Committee.

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The Spring Green Town Board already vote May 14 to recommend approval of the facility. The county will make a decision on July 23.