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Dog attack: Those who feed stray dogs will be responsible for vaccinating them and bear the cost of treating people they attack, says Supreme Court

New Delhi, September 9: On Friday, the Supreme Court suggested that people who regularly feed stray dogs could be held responsible for their vaccinations and also required to bear the costs if these animals attack people, while stressing the need to find a solution to the threat of stray dogs.

As a bench of Justices Sanjiv Khanna and JK Maheshwari heard petitions regarding the threat of stray dogs in Kerala, Justice Khanna orally observed that he was a dog lover and there were many dog ​​lovers and suggested that people who feed strays could possibly keep a number or mark on the dog they feed. Threat of Stray Dogs: Balance Must Be Maintained Between Human Safety and Animal Rights, Says Supreme Court.

“They will be responsible for vaccinating them and meeting the costs if someone is attacked,” he said.

The bench stressed that it is essential to find the solution to the threat of stray dogs and to create a balance between people who feed stray dogs and also protect innocent people from stray dog ​​attacks.

He observed that it is important to accept that there is a problem – dogs can become fierce due to lack of food or they can catch an infection. He further added that dogs infected with rabies could be placed in a care center by the concerned authorities.

Lawyer VK Biju said that since August 8, people have died and schoolchildren and women have been attacked by ferocious dogs in public places. Biju had recently raised the issue of stray dog ​​attacks in the High Court and highlighted the recent death of a 12-year-old victim in Kerala.

The lawyer, representing the government of Kerala, cited the judgment of the Kerala High Court rendered in 2015, to cull the stray dog ​​population in accordance with the laws of the local body.

The court also asked the Sri Jagan Commission, established by the Supreme Court in 2016 to investigate complaints about dog attacks and the distribution of compensation to victims in Kerala, to submit a report.

After hearing arguments, the higher court scheduled the case for a rehearing on September 28 and allowed animal rights groups to intervene.

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