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Dog allegedly hit with bowl at S’pore pet boarding house, authorities urged to investigate

Staff allegedly hit dog at pet boarding house with metal bowl

Disclaimer: The images in this article may be disturbing to some.

Institutions that care for our pets are meant to be institutions that we can trust. When incidents of abuse emerge from such places, it becomes difficult to excuse them for such abuses.

Sadly, this would have been the case at a boarding house here in Singapore.

In a two-minute video that has since gone viral, an alleged boarding school staff member was seen hitting one of the dogs with a bowl and yelling vulgarities at the dog.

Netizens have expressed outrage over the shockingly cruel incident, urging authorities to investigate the matter. The OP in the video also confirmed that the Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS) is now looking into the matter.

Pet boarding worker allegedly abused dog in viral video

The Chained Dog Awareness Facebook group in Singapore posted a video showing Wednesday, July 13.

Source: Singapore Chained Dog Awareness on Facebook

The two-minute footage apparently shows a dog running around the premises of a pet boarding house.

Initially, the dog cowers as a staff member shouts in the background, “Bite me, ah? Welcome to hell my friend… four weeks of hell.

Source: Singapore Chained Dog Awareness on Facebook

He then mutters a few vulgarities before threatening the dog again by saying: “Tonight you are making only one noise, look what is happening to you.”

The man continues his threats in the same vein for the next minute. Right after, he picks up a metal bowl and starts banging it loudly against the ground.

Source: Singapore Chained Dog Awareness on Facebook

The dog becomes visibly startled when the worker approaches with the bowl, apparently intending to hit him with the metal object.

Source: Singapore Chained Dog Awareness on Facebook

Perhaps sensing an imminent threat, the dog leaps out of the bedding before snapping at the object as the man punches him. However, it is not known if the metal bowl came into contact with the dog.

Source: Singapore Chained Dog Awareness on Facebook

“You want to try me…I’ll break another bowl so you can see it,” the worker retorts aggressively.

Towards the end of the sequence, the staff member pulls on the dog’s leash before pricking it with a hook.

Source: Singapore Chained Dog Awareness on Facebook

AVS is currently investigating the incident.

The incident sparked outrage among netizens. Many users felt that such mistreatment behavior reflected badly on the so-called boarding school.

Source: Singapore Chained Dog Awareness on Facebook

A number of netizens further urged local authorities to take legal action against the facility.

Source: Singapore Chained Dog Awareness on Facebook

Source: Singapore Chained Dog Awareness on Facebook

Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore also said reliable sources have identified the facility as being located in MacPherson.

Additionally, the Facebook page shared that Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) is currently investigating the incident and will post more details soon.

Talk to MS Newsthe pet store in question said it was unable to comment as the incident is currently under investigation.

MS News contacted AVS for more information on the case.

I hope the investigation will provide more details on the abusive incident

It is devastating to see an innocent animal suffer such horrific mistreatment at the hands of an alleged worker who is supposed to provide care.

We hope that the authorities are indeed investigating the incident and that the poor dog and his owner will get the justice they deserve.

In the meantime, we urge all dog owners to be cautious and do thorough checks before enrolling their pets in a pet boarding facility.

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Featured image adapted from Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore on Facebook.