Dog vaccine

Delhi HC asks for city government’s stance on stray dog ​​vaccination

The Delhi High Court on Wednesday called on the city government to respond to a public interest litigation (PIL) requesting the vaccination of stray dogs in the capital against diseases such as canine distemper virus.

“It seems that the stray dogs in the city are a neglected lot and it is necessary to take care of them not only to show respect for life, but also because it will have a direct impact on the life of the human population in the city,” said a bench of Acting Chief Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Sachin Datta.

The Bench called on the Delhi government and the municipality to come up with a “clear and considered position”.

painful death

The petition filed by attorney Rahul Mohod said street dogs are dying painful and unnatural deaths due to the deadly ‘canine distemper and parvovirus’.

Mr Mohod said that despite knowing the reality, the Delhi government and other authorities failed to arrange the vaccine against the virus. He said the virus is highly contagious by inhalation to street animals and can survive in the environment (outside an animal/host) for over six months.

Requires RT-PCR test

There is no treatment available for the virus, and it only spreads from one infected stray dog ​​to another, he said. The petition states that the affected animal also needs an RT-PCR test to detect canine distemper.

The petition pointed out that the infected dog dies an “excruciating and painful death after suffering acute pain”. It causes severe disease in the host by attacking several difficult-to-treat bodily systems, according to the plea.

Gir forest cases

He pointed out that in September-October 2018, 34 lions died from canine distemper and babiesia in Gir forest in Gujarat. It was detected in 68 lions and six leopards. “But the relevant authorities learned nothing of this and due to their negligence, 85 Asiatic lions died of distemper in the Gir forest,” the plea reads.

Mohod said the Forest Department then imported 1,300 doses of the vaccine from the United States and administered 1,100 dozen to animals in Gir.

Mr. Mohod also pointed to the deplorable state of government-run veterinary hospitals in Delhi which lacked infrastructure for vaccinating stray dogs.