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Cumberland residents want dog breeding facility investigated

Residents of Cumberland County want an investigation into a facility that houses dogs for the research. It is after an 8News survey Tuesday revealed a worrying federal inspection of the place in 2017.

Taneijha Hampton says she was really disturbed by some of the videos and footage from inside the Envigo breeding facility in his hometown of Cumberland.

“It was pretty disgusting. I have a pet myself to let them lie on their poo. I don’t see how people do this, ”she said.

The inspection found dogs confined in rusted and broken wire cages. Many dogs were surrounded by their droppings. Cumberland resident Carol Lewis told us she couldn’t take it either.

“It’s just disheartening to see animals crammed into cages like this,” Lewis says.

Video and images are from a 2017 USDA inspection report obtained by PETA, People for the ethical treatment of animals. The report which was shared with 8News found sick and injured dogs lacking veterinary care.

One female dog, in particular, had an orange-sized lump on her mammary glands.

“It was really shocking to watch. Really, unbearable to see, ”said Hampton.

8News also discovered that many Cumberland residents were unaware that Envigo kennels were in the county. And it’s easy to see why. The main entrance is indescribable. There are no signs and the facility is nestled deep in the woods.

Federal inspectors toured the facility over the summer after drone video was shown thousands of howling and whining dogs went viral. Inspectors found no problems inside.

Still, that doesn’t allay the concerns of PETA or the concerns of some Cumberland residents.

“We believe Cumberland County has a huge role to play here,” Dr Alka Chandna, PETA vice president of laboratory investigations, told 8News.

PETA has launched an online campaign and asked the Cumberland County Administrator to investigate. 8News visited her, but said she had just taken the job three weeks ago.

Jennifer Crews, Acting County Administrator told us that she still didn’t feel comfortable commenting on something she was not aware of. Hampton and Lewis told 8News they hope county leaders look into the matter.

“I wish they would, you know, ASAP,” Lewis said.

8News will check with the county administrator. Envigo told 8News that the most recent inspection report from a few months ago showed no issues with the installation. They also tell us that they take a humane and compassionate approach while upholding the highest professional standards.


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